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The Lord of the Living and the Dead

Be Wise

Be Ready

Custom Designed

Vitally Connected

The Sword Of The Lord

Positioned in Christ



The Fullness of the Spirit

How To Abide

Resting in God

The Purpose of Rest

If God is Good, Why am I Suffering?

Born to Win

Fulfilled Prophesy

The Witness

Bewitched or Blessed You Decide

Portraits of Christ Pt III

Becoming God’s Man of Valor

Jesus The Wine Maker

The Bread of Life

How To Be W.E.L.L.

By Grace Through Faith

Celebrate Your Weakness

Dying To Live

Goodbye World

I Will Be With You

Saved! What’s Next?

Take Your Stand

18 Comments on “Sermons”

  1. Hi
    I’m not able to download and listen to the sermons,,can you please help? I’m in the United Arab Emirates and soo hungry for God

  2. Glory to God! Thank you Bishop for the simplicity and clarity of the word. It’s a blessing. Thank God I found this

  3. This page is one of my favorites, I feel like I am listening right in service, after a tough days at work i retreat into Bethel and rejuvenate my soul, no wonder it is called Bethel WORLD Outreach, in the midst of the Ebola here in Liberia i feel the comfort of my church body and the quiet reassuring voice of the Lord through Bishop and it is absolutely free. Thank you Bishop and your media team, your passion for souls is felt, keep up the good work!

      • Bishop, you and Lady Chrys have been an encouragement and inspiration to me and many others. Thank you. May God Continue to use you and Lady Chrys for his glory. I would like for you to do some in depth teachings on heaven, the believers’ home. There are some believers teaching that heaven is not a place. It’s only an imagination.

  4. This is incredibly the working of God’s grace. Now others, many other people i mean, will be able to listen to our Bishop’s uncompromised and truthful to the word sermons, and so know how much we are blessed to have Bishop as our shepherd. I can still remember the day Bishop was preaching one of “The Portraits of Christ” sermons. When he said: “If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters”, I was like hearing these words out of the very mouth of the Lord Jesus. Congratulations for the good work and the dispatching of the blessings of God unto as many as are afar off that are being called.

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