Afraid of God

I am going to say it up front and perhaps make a lot of well-meaning Christians upset.  Being afraid of God is never the right motive for obeying Him.  And “obeying” God because you are afraid God will punish you by bringing bad things into your life, or taking away things from you, is the […]

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Overcome Your Fear

No doubt you have experienced fear.  It is evil.  It can paralyze its victims.  Fear does not come from God. In his second and last letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul warned his spiritual son not to yield to fear, especially as it related to fulfilling the purpose of God for his life.  He wrote: […]

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Why Are You So Fearful?

When a terrible storm threatened to sink their boat on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus’ disciples panicked. Feeling they were going to drown while Jesus slept, they awakened Him with a rebuke, “Teacher, don’t you care that we perish?” Jesus arose. Taking control of the Sea and charge of the Wind, He opened His mouth […]

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