The Name Behind the Miracle

What will cause God to work miracles for you?  And what will qualify you to be a channel for God’s miracles to flow through? The answer is found in the healing of the lame man in Acts 3. And it’s not your own holiness or power. While entering the temple grounds for prayer, Peter and […]

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Jesus Immanuel Jireh

God is love and there is nothing more important to Him than for Him to be able to love us absolutely and for us to experience His love fully and personally. That is so very important to God! And that is what Christmas is all about–God wrapping His love in human flesh and making it […]

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How She Got Me!

“I need financial help,” she wrote in a letter to me. “I’m living in a foreign country, I have no income, and no way to support myself. Please send me some money.” Her need was real, but I had already decided that I couldn’t help everybody who requested my assistance during the Liberian civil war. […]

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