What Forgiveness Is Not

“Do I have to trust him if I forgive him?” This question reflects one of the reasons people find it difficult to forgive. Being asked to let go of resentment and any desire to hurt someone who hurt us is one thing. But being required on top of that to trust that same person again […]

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Why Should I?

“Tell him you are sorry.” “Why should I? He started it” Does that sound familiar? People will usually resist doing something they feel is unfair or unjust. And that is one reason so many find it hard to forgive someone who has hurt them. They feel it is unfair and that the person who

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Let It Go

Imagine having to forgive the same person for committing a serious offense against you again and again! Would you think it’s fair? Would you find it easy to do so? Probably not. But this is exactly what Jesus tells us to do. “If your brother trespasses against you seven times in a day and seven […]

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