Flourish Like a Palm Tree

In Psalms 92:7, David says, “the wicked spring up like grass,” which is here today and gone tomorrow. Then, in verse 12, he says, “the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree.” He is making a contrast between the two. Grasses grow quickly, and die quickly. Expose grasses to extreme heat, and their leaves dry […]

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You Are God’s Gift to the World

Do you need to be needed? I do. I would hate to be unnecessary. Irrelevant. An appendix in the body. Thank God, this is not the case for me. Nor for you. God would never do that to us.

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Are You A Victim of Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a huge problem in the U.S. Every year billions of dollars are stolen by people pretending to be someone else. I was a victim myself last year. And because my identity had been tampered with by some unscrupulous person, my credit card was blocked and I was unable to

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