Are You Laboring in Vain?

They call it your “cutting edge.” It’s what puts you ahead of the competition. It gives you the advantage you need to succeed. It’s the key to your long term progress. If you have it, you need to retain it. If you lose it, you should take steps to recover it immediately. That’s true in […]

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Are the Odds Against You ?

What should you do if the odds against you accomplishing an important goal are 450 to 1? Would that cause you to faint? Do you have the faith required to proceed? In Judges 7, when Israel cried out to the Lord to deliver them from the Midianites, He gave Gideon the impossible assignment of

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Guaranteeing Victory

When involved in conflict with others, do you ever wonder whether God is on your side? I used to do so, and that produced a lot of stress and poor decisions. If I could be certain He was on my side, then I could be confident no enemy would defeat me; no problem could conquer […]

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