Forget the Past!

Paul said, forget the things that are behind. Forget what happened to you. Forget what people said about you. Forget what people did to you. Forget the wonderful things you had before you became a Christian. You had all those things, but you were going to hell. Forget them! Forget what happened yesterday. To focus on Christ today, you have to turn your eyes from what happened yesterday. You can’t change your past, so don’t live in it. Besides, your past does not determine your future. Forget! The sooner you forget the past, the quicker you can get to the future that God has for you. You’ll never lay hold of the prize until you forget.

I wish that more of God’s people were like Paul. I wish that more of God’s people were willing to forget. You may not be talking to other believers because you refuse to forgive and forget. If it is true of you that you do one thing-you live to know Christ and make him know-then you will humble yourself, you will swallow your pride, and you will forgive and forget.

Ultimately, the only person that you are hurting by refusing to forget is yourself. You’re just slowing yourself down; you’re just placing weights on your life and on your emotions. Forget! God has a glorious future for you. There are graces in store for you. There is Christ-likeness in store for you. There are blessings in store for you. There is a crown of righteousness in store for you. Shout, I have a future! Living to know Christ and make Him known is the way to get to the future that God has for you.

If you have not yet accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, my prayer today is that you will make Christ your Lord and Savior right now. He will help you forgive and forget. If you have done so, please let me know how I can support your growth in Christ. If you need prayer, please click here.

God Bless You!
-Bishop Johnson

13 Comments on “Forget the Past!”

  1. I really bless God for Bishop Johnson,May God continue to inspired you with messages of hope,peace,love and freedom.

  2. Bishop, you are right about “forget the past” to move on with your life if not you will be stock in the past and your life is meanless. We can do this only when we alowed the Lord to help us. I have to forget and forgive my past. my present is much better than my past and my future sounds far better than my present because I “forget the past”, I forgive and the Lord forgive me. thank you for all your teachings. My the Lord protects you and give you strength.
    Chantal Hlontor

  3. Bishop,

    Thanks for bringing it to my knowledge that my yesterday does not determine my tomorrow. The difficulties, challanges and hurts of yesterday were there to help prepare me for my tomorrow. That the sooner I let go of the hurts and issues of lives that bisect me yesterday, the better the chances and open heavens waiting for me tomorrow.

    thanks Bishop for this article, for it has given me a sure insight into God’s plan for me tomorrow.

    Yours in His Vineyard

    Humphrey Osa-Obayagbona.

  4. Merci Bishop pour se site. Oublier le passé en regardant à Jésus Christ qui a un futur meilleur pour nous est vraiment fondamental pour une marche victorieuse dans le Seigneur. Je regardais beaucoup mes péchés passés et j’avais honte de moi même, je ne comprenais pas bien que Christ a effacé tout acte dont les ordonnances me condamnaient et qui subsistaient contre moi. A force de me morfondre, j’ai été mordu par le serpent. Mais Dieu a permit que cela m’arrive pour que je puisse mieux saisir l’œuvre de la croix. Bishop que le Seigneur vous bénisse abondamment ainsi que notre chère maman.

  5. Inspirational words indeed. Thank you soo much for reminding me … and I believe so many of my fellow believers of this simple truth. the devil blinds us to realities such as this in order to keep us in bondage. Comrades, Brethren, let’s forgive and forget else we’ll always be struggling with something or the other. Yes, forget what is behind and let’s press on towards our goals for whatever we went through was preparation for a time such as this. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us because the Lord disciplines those he loves!

  6. Sometimes, I really want to be sitting right under my Bishop, and listening, every second to his revelational teaching. It is inspiring, mysterious, releasing, full of healings, grace and faith. To forget the past and hang unto the present. And that message, I am going to also preach at “GRACE EVANGELISTIC REVIVAL SANCTUARY, this coming Sunday. Jesus says, when we are praying, we should forgive those who have wrong us— and God shall also forgive and answer our prayers…. He also forgives us, even when being crucified on the cross….. he calls not for vengeance, but declares forgiveness, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they doeth.”

    While we were yet sinners, wronging God, sinning against Him, disbelieving Him, Christ still died for us, to make us friends, and children of God. We can go before as we first forgive. Forgiveness, and not vengeance—- and forgiveness and forgetting—- and not forgiveness without forgetting,—-brings God’s exaltation. What should we do? Like Jesus, be he humble himself unto death, and because he was never guilty, or hold the enemies of God in his heart, neither ask God for vengeance against them, but went quietly to his death and grave, God raise Him again and exalted him above all other names.

    Well, who says you can attain greatness in Christ, as a Christian? I share with you, that His grace, we should minister to all with agape love, and soon He shall exalt us above everything that exalts itself above Christ.

  7. I love this blog Bishop. This was the hardest thing I had to do when I became a Christian. It was not easy and still not easy when people that were supposed to protect you end up destroying you. But, reading your words again gave me reassurance. Your words reminded me that God is in control, that my past does not and will not determine my future!

    Thank you much and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  8. Thank you Bishop for initiating this blog; what a tool this will be to allow Christians/Non Christians to express their opinions and viewpoints.

    Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do, but it is a requirement if you claim to be Christlike. After all, God forgave us and continues to forgive us on a daily basis. So who are we to not forgive someone else? Forgiveness makes you a better person, and it relieves unnecessary emotions burdens in your life!

    Like the saying goes, “Let God and let go”. I look forward to your next posting!

  9. Thank you so much Bishop, for being a blessing to me through this site. Sir, you were in the spirit, when you wrote this message, it touches my entire life & ministry. I will surely put my past behind me & move on in life. I now understand that untill you stop thinking about the past, you cannot focus on the future. It is divine to forgive & move on in life or else access to divine favour & opportunity will be hindered.
    Bishop, once again, thank you for blessing my soul at this time that i am in dare need of spiritual refreshment in an Islamic nation as Egypt.

    Yours in His Service,

    Evang.{Dr.} Dansmith J. Aisevbo
    Missionary 2 Egypt.

  10. Excellent point Bishop…

    What should we say then when too often, even as Christians and especially those who are leaders within the body of Christ, bring up the past and use it as a weapon against our brothers and sisters. Isn’t forgiveness the very foundational part of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?

    We forget many times to know that when we judge a person of their past, it is not the person’s past that is on trial here. What we are questioning is the ability of the blood of Jesus to wash away sin. In judging others of their past; what we are really doing is putting the blood of Jesus on trial. So, does it wash away sin or not?” Or are we slandering the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ?

  11. This is a powerful reminder to many of us who are challenged with not letting go of the things that happened yesterday. To get to where we want to go, we must let go and let God be.

  12. Bishop,
    Thanks so much for this article. Forgetting the past and placing it in God’s hands truly brings freedom. For a long time, I hated my father because he abandoned us. I hated the fact that everyone else around me had both parents, while we struggled with a single mother. However, while I was in college, I made the decision to reconnect with my father and forgive him. It was a hard decision, especially when he didn’t initially acknowledge what he wronged us. But because of Jesus’ grace towards me, I was able to forgive and reach out towards him.

    He’s now home with the Lord, but I’m so glad that I was able to forgive him and re-establish a relationship with him. Forgiveness is freedom, not necessarily for the other person, but for you.

    Thanks Bishop!

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