Helping Others Win

You may be familiar with the Olympics for the handicapped, the Special Olympics. In one race in the Special Olympics held a few years ago, the number of runners had been reduced to five finalists. They stood at the starting line, the gun was fired, and they began running. They ran as fast as they could; getting to the finished line first was each runner’s goal. Then one of them tripped and fell. He tried to get up but could not. Then another runner—one of his competitors—stopped, reached down, and picked him up! Hand in hand, they crossed the finished line.

That act of kindness on the part of the second runner presents a wonderful picture of what winning the Christian race is all about. Winning the Christian race is not about getting across the finished line first. It is about doing everything within your power to help as many persons as you can cross that line with you.

If you have not yet accepted Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, my prayer today is that you will make Christ your Lord and Savior right now. He will help you forgive and forget. If you have done so, please let me know how I can support your growth in Christ. If you need prayer, please click here.

God Bless You!
-Bishop Johnson

8 Comments on “Helping Others Win”

  1. Thanks, Bishop:
    For reminding us that, it is a team work, in the body of Christ, by the Spirit of Christ, Jesus, in peace love, unity, agreement, and reciprocal stewardship, under Jesus divine, redemptive blood shed for us all.

    Some one once said, it is only in the Body of Christ, that casualties of war, are not attended unto, but are judged as a repraoch, and a failures, and are cast out.”
    But Jesus himself, came down to the backslidden Peter, who denied him, three times in the public, when Jesus was being tortured to his crucifixion.
    How many Christians, who have aliented themselves from others fallen Heros, and Hereins of the our Lord?
    How many have been rejected and cast out of our midst, as a bad example ?
    But, this message says, we are to retored the gold, diamonds, silvers, and pearls into the Temple, and get rid of the bronzes, coppers, and fake diamonds and pearls.
    We are to restored, our wounded Soldiers, Heros and Hereins, and stay by their sides, to fulfilled the visions with ours together, in order to share the victory and jubilates over the enemies defeats. Stay Blessed!!!

  2. this is wayyyy past due!…..( thank u lord)!!! thank you so much for doing such awesome work! you are a blessing and inspiration . words can’t express my gratitude to you and for this blog!…….blessedluviva

  3. I thank God for you Bishop Johnson, that analogy is very good, for the word says that the race is not given to swift. In helping others in the race of life we are doing justice toward ourselves. We are to esteem others before ourselves, so helping others win is what should motivate us to run in this Christian race.

  4. Bishop,

    This is so good to be reminded that this christian race is not a “me, myself and I ” race. It is about helping others in the race so that at the end, we all can hear the words, “WELL DONE “…

  5. Thank you so much our dear Bishop, for being a spring of clean flowing water refreshing the Souls of many Burn-out Christian-Missionaries out there. We will repent from trying to quickly enter Heaven elone. Instead, we will keep stretching out our hands to help as many un-saved souls as well as those who ‘re falling out of the Faith daily to come back. Once again, thank you Bishop, for being an instrument of change to the way we think, which seems right in our own eyes.

  6. Thanks Bishop for the refreshing reminder that indeed we are to be our brothers’ keepers. I don’t know how that olympic race ended but if I can deduce, both the guy who reached out and the competitor in need, probably made it the finish line last. But our goal, as you pointed out, is not who arrives first but helping as many as possible.

    Reflecting on this account in light of our current political climate, was not that kind of outreach to help one of their own in need tantamount to ‘socialism’? We hear a lot of this in today’s political discourse, espeically among those who claim to represent ‘christian values’. I find this ironic. But then again there is a clear line between faith and politics and the combination of the two can be combustible.

    Thanks Bishop, once again, for taking time to share your insights.

  7. Thanks Bishop Johnson for exploring other ways…the new media to bring to the world in very practical terms the good news of the gospel.God bless your effort.

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