The Truth Will Set You Free!

The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). I pray that you will spend enough time with the truth of God’s Word so that you will know it – not in your head, but in your heart. If you know it, the Spirit will wake you up at two o’clock in the morning and you will know it is true. Or if you are in a ship and the winds and waves are raging and threatening to sink the ship — you will still know that God’s Word is true. No matter what circumstances you are going through or how loud the enemy shouts, there are things you need to know about God, and your heart needs to be able to rest in those things. Anchor your heart in them. Lay hold of them until they produce the kind of change that God wants you to have in your life.

Jesus gave a parable and talked about the Word going forth. There were different types of responses to the Word. One type was those who heard the Word but didn’t understand it. They didn’t spend any time trying to understand it, so it didn’t do them any good. There was another group who heard the Word and got excited for a while, but they wanted things to happen very quickly and when things did not happen quickly, they pursued other interests. Others heard the Word, but persecution and difficulties caused them not to produce any fruit either.

But there was a group of people who, when they heard the Word of God, spent the time necessary to understand it. They held on to it and refused to let go. They kept holding on and as a result of their perseverance and tenacity, Jesus said, eventually the truth changed them and they brought forth some thirty-fold, some sixty-fold and some a hundred-fold.

That is how you have to be towards the Word of God. Be tenacious. When you hear the truth, do not let it go in one ear and out the other ear. Lay hold of it. Refuse to let it go until it makes the changes God wants to happen in your life, and changes not only you but empowers you to change your environment.

Are you spending time in the truth of God’s Word? Are you allowing it to set you free?

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