What a Blessing!

Are you trying to be blessed by keeping the commandments? The Law, though good, cannot bless you. It can only curse you. That is the clear teaching of the Apostle Paul: “But those who depend on following the law to make them right are under a curse, because the Scriptures say, ‘Anyone will be cursed who does not always obey what’s written in the Book of the Law.'” ( Gal. 3:10). To be blessed through the Law, you have to obey every law perfectly. If you break one, it must treat you as a lawbreaker and pronounce a curse upon you.

But thanks be to God, Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us! On the cross, Jesus took the full punishment and curse the Law had pronounced upon sinners (Gal. 3:13). Justice is satisfied and now no other curse or punishment is needed to fulfill its demands. We are no longer under the condemnation of the Law because Jesus took our condemnation. What good news!

But it gets better. Now that we are no longer under the judgment of the Law, we are now eligible to receive the blessing promised to Abraham and His seed, a blessing God promised to give to all people on the basis of faith in His Son. And what is that blessing? The Holy Spirit! (Gal. 3:14)

Even as Abraham was declared righteous because he believed God’s word to him concerning a son, so God justifies all those who believe the word concerning the Son, Jesus. And then, having justified us by faith, He blesses us with His Spirit. That’s right–He causes His Spirit to live in us; we become the dwelling place of God on earth.

What a blessing! What a gift! To have the indwelling Spirit is better than having your own gold mine; better than having your own oil field; better than having Bill Gates, the richest man alive, to suddenly show up in your life with a commitment to supply all your financial needs for the rest of your life. That would be awesome, but what we have received surpasses even this.

Galatians 3:5 says that God “supplies the Spirit and works miracles among us.” Instead of Bill Gates, God gave us His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s supply to meet every need in our lives and to do things for us we could never do ourselves. He works MIRACLES! He is our personal miracle worker, need supplier, divine helper, success maker, life giver, and death destroyer. He is the Gift that contains all gifts.

If Bill Gates offers to take care of you financially for the rest of your life and you continue to worry about finances, it could only mean you do not know who Bill Gates is and what he can do for you with the billions he owns. Moreover, having been blessed by God with the Holy Spirit, if we are not walking in incredible peace, it can only mean we do not know who we have living in us.

Get to know the Holy Spirit. He lives in you. He will reveal Christ in you and answer your prayers by His omnipotent power as you put your trust in the cross alone for righteousness and, moment by moment, acknowledge by faith that His presence and power are working in you.

The Holy Spirit–what a blessing! Thank God His unspeakable gift.

9 Comments on “What a Blessing!”

  1. Dear Bishop,

    I want to thank God for using you as a vessel to teach us the Good News of the Gospel of his Son Jesus Christ by Grace and the blessings of the indwelling Holy Spirit within us. I have heard you preached for some years but now through my friend, teacher, advocate, counselor,etc the Holy Spirit is giving me deeper revelation and wisdom of Jesus Christ and his transplanted life in me. i believe many of us in Bethel are getting the revelation. We pray for more anointing for you from the Father ,through the Son by the Holy Spirit to continue to feed us on the platter of God’s word.

  2. Thank You Jesus. Bishop Johnson, may God continue to give you wisdom as you bless us with His words continually.

  3. Thanks Bishop! The teachings these few days are very up-lifting in the body and in my own life. I believe many people like my self have been living a lie in the do it (your self attitude) that has kept us for so long under the “Law”. No wonder we’ve lived under the curse of the law with out us knowing and not enjoying the blessings of God in Christ the way we suppose. Now with the understanding and revelation that is coming to me through your teachings by the Holy Spirit, I am being lifted to another level of grace in Christ that is so sweet. I am now beginning to see life in Christ’s finished work as the Holy Spirit show me more and more liberty in a new way.

    Bishop, I have an appeal. Please do more teachings in this area. I think you have seen the reactions, doubts, and heard the testimonies around the place from so many people during the bible study. Many people are not still free from this do it your self attitude “The Law“. I hope the Holy Spirit will help you develop as many topics as possible as you point us to Jesus Christ in the word.

    Thank you so much again for making such an impact in my life with your down to earth teachings,


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