Has God Gone Missing?

John 4:23b “for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.”

Do you sometimes feel God is a million miles away? Like you’ve lost touch with Him completely? Like He has gone missing? That happens to everybody I know.

Here is the good news. When it seems you’ve lost Him, you haven’t because He has promised to never, no never, leave you or forsake you. You may have lost the sense of His presence, but Jesus promised, “I will be with you always.”

Is there anything you can do to recover the sense of His presence? Yes! Jesus taught that God is actively seeking people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

So since God is seeking worshipers, when you feel God is missing in your life, don’t try to find Him. Let Him find you. That’s much easier.

How? Start worshiping. Lift up your hands, bow your knees, sing your praise, and acknowledge His greatness! And it won’t be too long before you will “find” God knocking on the door of your heart.

So, when God seems far away, worship! The Father is seeking those who do.

9 Comments on “Has God Gone Missing?”

  1. “Has God gone missing?” Wow! fantastic inspiration. The last paragraph is so appealing and captivating to the soul. I love the format short, simple and convincing. Wow! keep up the good work, Honorable Bishop D Johnson. You are so competent and effective. stay blessed and highly favored.

  2. Bishop, I thank God for the “gift of teaching” he has blessed you with. It’s the simplicity of the message that gets me every time.

    I really enjoy the blog; it’s another avenue for me to share with friends who might not be able to attend Bethel.

    Again thank you!

  3. Thanks, it is good to know that our Bishop, has a fresh word for us always. I love to praise God in song and on a daily bases and that is so true he shows up in our praises. I so love the Lord.


  4. Thank you so much Bishop, for this message. It has really revived my spirit & blessed my ministry. May the Almighty God bless you, your family, & your ministry with the dew of heaven, & keep you safe for us, your spiritual children abroad, in Jesus name, amen.

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