What to Do with Trouble

Got trouble? I am not a prophet, and I may have never met you, but unless you have already died and gone to heaven, I can tell you something about yourself. At this point in your life, you are either in trouble, just coming out of trouble, or on your way into trouble. I am sure I am right. And that is so because earth is fallen and you are living in a war zone!

But do not despair. Do not be afraid either. Divine help is available. Listen to these encouraging words from 1 Peter 5:6-7.

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

God does not want you to be overcome by worries and anxieties. He doesn’t want you depressed and tormented by fear. He does not want trouble to have you. And so He makes you an offer too good to refuse!

Instead of being overcome by your problems, God invites you to try a far more effective approach. He invites you to humble yourself. How? By not trying to deal with trouble in your strength! By admitting you need His help and casting all your care [the whole of your care, all your anxieties, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him!

The word translated “casting” means to throw upon; to unload. Instead of carrying your cares upon your own shoulders, God wants you to unload your burdens upon Him. To humble yourself and say to Him, “Here, God, You handle this because I can’t.”

Now, why is God so insistent that you cast your all of your cares upon Him and let Him deal with them instead of leaving them in your hands? Two reasons are provided. Let’s take a look.

The first reason is because as your Heavenly Father, “He cares for you.” In this verse, the word for “care” is mérimna, meaning “to be anxious about” or “to be concerned.” God does not worry, but if He could, it would be right to say that you should cast your cares upon Him because He is worrying about your welfare. That’s how concerned God is for you!

The second reason is because He is equipped to handle any care you throw upon Him. The verse describes His hands as “mighty”. That means He possesses great and impressive strength and power, far more than He needs, to carry your load. You can, therefore, be confident He is well-able to deal with any problem you humbly surrender to His powerful hands.

Child of God, in this world you will have trouble, but do not let trouble have you. When trouble comes, learn to hear the concerned voice of your Heavenly Father beckoning you to cast all of your cares upon Him and to see His mighty hands open and ready to take possession of them from you.

Then humble yourself, and unload your burdens upon Him. Drop them off at His doorsteps. Let Him have all your troubles, knowing He is “worried” about you and His hands are mighty. And at the right time, just like the verse says, just like He promised, God will exalt you.

11 Comments on “What to Do with Trouble”

  1. No matter how hard we try to deny it, God must be everything for us and to us! He is why we exist. Amen again Bishop!

  2. Thank you Bishop for the challenge and encouragement i was able to deduce from your inspiring piece. God bless you sir

  3. What do I do if I get in trouble at school and my teacher emailed my rents and I’m scared of what s gonna happen when they read and and what do I tell them?

    • Dave,

      Do exactly what God says. Humble yourself before Him and admit you need His help. Put your problem in His hands honestly and ask Him to work it out according to His will, then thank Him that He is concerned for you welfare and able to take care of you and this matter.

      If your parents asks you what happened, tell them the Truth. If they decide to discipline you, ask God for strength and He will give it to you.

  4. In every trouble i humble myself in front of You ,because i know that You care for me Lord and Your hands are so mighty to take me out of this trouble!!! thank You Jesus more and more.

    Be bless more and more Bishop for this refreshment!

  5. Thank you bishop for posting this timely word from God. I needed to understand once more what God thought about our situation. Now I know he spoke through you to re-affirm his care and concern and ability and willingness to get us out of the miry pit. Father I leave it all at your doorsteps and thank you for guiding us back to the surface. Thank you Father. Glory be to your name AMEN.

  6. Lord i drop all my problems and my cares to you and i receive answers in Jesus name.
    Bishop may God bless you more.

  7. Thanks Bishop for the encouragement of casting all my cares upon the Lord because he cares for me. There have been times inwhich I have taken my heavy load upon my own shoulders. These are times when I can’t see my way out of anything or any situation. It is great and refreshing to know that God is concerned and well able to worry about my concerns.

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