Let God Pay the Bill

Let me show you how to frustrate the grace of God in your life. How to stop His unmerited, unearned, and undeserved favor and blessings from flowing freely in your life. How to make Jesus’ death of no benefit to you. If you desire this for yourself, or for anybody you know, then look at Galatians 2:21, for the way to do so.

“I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.” (Galatians 2:21 KJV)

There it is. All you have to do to frustrate the grace of God, stop the flow of blessings, and make the death of Christ of no benefit to you is to believe that your righteousness comes by the law. Just start thinking and acting like you must merit righteousness, just insist on trying to qualify for God’s favor by your adherence to His laws, and you will nullify the grace of God in your life. You can either be blessed through the law, or by grace, but never through both. (Romans 11:6)

What is grace? It’s unmerited, undeserved, unearned favor. It is God choosing to bless you based solely on His love for you. It is God qualifying you for every blessing based on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. It is God not requiring you to give Him any reason to bless you other than Jesus’ sacrifice. It is God paying the bill in full.

Suppose you take a friend out to dinner as a way of showing him you love and appreciate him. You have a nice dinner and good time together, but when the waiter brings the bill, your friend grabs it. You request the bill, but he refuses to give it to you. You insist that he lets you pay for the meal because he’s your guest and you want to do this as a gesture of your love. But he adamantly refuses to give you the bill. No,” he says. “I’m going to pay.” Finally, frustrated by his insistence, you let him have his way.

And so, he writes the check for the bill. Unfortunately, when it is presented to the bank, the check bounces. Insufficient funds! How sad–because of pride, your friend not only frustrated your grace, he embarrassed himself! It would have been so much better if he had just received your kindness humbly and let you pay the bill.

God the Father has paid the bill. He plans for you to enjoy all of His blessings without any charge to you.
So don’t try to earn His favor and merit His blessings, because sooner or later, you will discover your “funds” are insufficient. Don’t frustrate God and embarrass yourself by being self-righteous. On your best day, you sin and fall short of His glory.

“I do not frustrate the grace of God,” Paul wrote. “If God wants to bless me without requiring me to give Him a reason to do so, let Him. If He wants to forgive me of all my sins, declare me one-hundred percent righteous, meet every need I have, and shower me with His love and kindness, without regard to my performance under the law, I will not get in His way. I accept His grace gladly.”

Child of God, don’t grab the bill and frustrate His efforts to bless you. Your “funds” are insufficient anyway. Your “self-righteousness” is as filthy rags. Just be grateful for His love for you and Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf. And then respond in childlike trust, with worship, and thanksgiving, and love.

Let God pay the bill.

9 Comments on “Let God Pay the Bill”

  1. My Father;, please pay my bills for me! I have tried all that i can and still my bills keeps getting high and high everyday. Am done trying, Pay my bills Oh!!! Lord….

  2. Abe Alfred Kamar Snr.
    Thank you for the deep wisdom, many years ago you thought us on grace just before the war and this was what you spelt out grace to mean, GOD’ RICHES AT CHRIST’ EXPENSE”. Through His grace, a home (mansion) worth $85,000 to a $100,000 was built within 10 months for me and my family in Liberia, without obtaining or taking a single receipt for building materials each time the builders brings me a receipts, I tell them that God was/is my receipt through His grace and the home is therefore called MIRACULOUS GOSHEN, At every level of the construction all I did was to thank him for the next phase by deeply relying on his grace which I don’t desrve, this could be a long testimony on grace from me, God bless

  3. We are not even worthy to stand before Him. It’s only by His grace. Thanks again for this one Bishop!

  4. this is so true!

    some years ago, when I was under the Law, I did my best to keep it
    but then still ended up with huge Credit card debt!

    I could’nt pay it so it exploded with more interest. and now impossible to be paid by me.

    When I heard that Jesus paid all my debts at the cross. of course I know the debts was referring to all my sins,

    but then I said to myself. If God gave Jesus as a payment for all my sins. If Jesus that is the best of heaven, God’s only son – If God can do that for me because he loved me,
    how can He not pay my credit card debt?

    I was indeed under grace, and believed not my good works but by faith I am justified before God.

    last september, after 3 years in debt. I received a letter from the bank. stating that my debt was CANCELLED!

    how did it happen? I dont know. the financial consultant who broke out the news to me, said on the phone. “God must be kind to you”. I can almost say to her. “sure He is, because of Jesus”

    You can take it literaly or spiritually. doesn’t matter.

    meditate on this verse

    “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all,
    how will he not also with him graciously give us ALL THINGS?
    – Romans 8:32

    – grace and peace

  5. Oh Lord I need you to pay my bills. Need a friend like you to talk to and share with, for I feel so lonely right now

  6. Father just pay the bill for me … i humble myself now and let You furfill your will in me.Thank You for everything… i believe that is an act of adoration

    stay blessed Bishop!

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