It Is a Lie!

Have you ever been told you could have something you really wanted, but only if you met the conditions? Then when the conditions were revealed, you were disqualified because you could not meet them. Perhaps, it was a scholarship, or a new position at work that you really wanted, but you did not meet the qualifications required and so you were disappointed and discouraged.

In Deuteronomy 28:1-14, God promised a number of wonderful blessings to His people that covered every possible need they could have. He promised them victory over their enemies, protection from evil, and abundant prosperity. But to enjoy these blessings, they had to “fully obey the Lord…by keeping all the commandments I am giving you today.” The promises were wonderful, but the condition of obedience Israel had to meet for the fulfillment was so high they could not qualify.

Thank God, in the New Covenant, things are very different. God no longer makes the fulfillment of His promises dependent on how well we are doing in keeping the Ten Commandments. Instead, God enters a covenant with Jesus to bless all those who are in Christ, based on how perfectly Jesus obeys Him. You see, in the New Covenant, God makes the promises directly to Jesus on our behalf. Then He looks to Jesus, not to us, to meet the condition of perfect obedience He requires for His promises to be fulfilled in our lives.

The Scripture declares, “For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.” (Romans 5:19 NASB)

Do you see how it is Jesus’ obedience, not ours, that makes us righteous and gives us the right to all the promises of God?

This is what the Apostle Paul had in mind when he exclaimed in 2 Corinthians 1:20,

“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.” (NIV)

Child of God, this means whenever you pray and claim a promise God has made to the righteous, He will always answer with a big “YES!” You see, in the New Covenant our failures and inability to obey God perfectly do not disqualify us from enjoying God’s best and choicest blessings. And that’s because God looks to Jesus, not to us, to meet the conditions required for us to walk in the blessings He promises to the righteous.

Now, is there any condition we must meet? Yes, there is one. And that is to believe we do not need to meet any other condition because Jesus met them all for us! And then to boldly say regarding each promise, “Amen! It is so.”

Child of God, it is a lie when the enemy tells you that God will not fulfill His promise to answer your prayers and supply all your needs because you have not met the condition of obeying the Lord perfectly. Do not believe him for a second. Tell him you are in Christ. And tell him Jesus met every condition for you, so that God will bless you in His name, in spite of your own failures and shortcomings.

Now, that is something that deserves a resounding “Amen” and a shout of praise. Thank God for Jesus!

9 Comments on “It Is a Lie!”

  1. Amen, thank God for Jesus!
    There’s no great joy then to fill free and enjoy freedom from God. Am free indeed! Thank you Bishop hope to get more from you…

  2. Unce DJ,
    Thanks for sharing this! I think within Christendom this one of the most deep-rooted, rampant lies imbedded in church culture: the fact that we MUST meet all the requirements before those blessings are released into our lives…

    After reading your blog and rethinking some theological viewpoints, I wondered, “What THEN is our appropiate response to receiving the blessings of God in our life if in fact we don’t have to “work for it” or “meet the conditions” b/c IN CHRIST all those requirements have been met?” There might be a tendency in human nature to take this knowledge and take advantage of it by choosing to live our lives in anyway we please b/c grace is a free gift that’s been given, and generally, human nature values things less when it’s given then when it’s hard-earned.

    In light of this, I’m reminded of Paul’s saying, “Shall we sin that grace may abound?” To me, what a perfect response in light of what our reaction should be to grace and love and favor that has been so richly dispensed into our lives! This truth is very liberating and potent. So much so that I see why the enemy would seek to place doubt in the minds of believers especially in times of deep, gross personal failure!

    How thankful we should be for the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice for us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you yet again for sharing this on this beautiful morning!

  3. Thank God for you Bishop for you really got what it takes to make us see it like God would want us and Amen to that.

    So glad to know that God does not bless me for what good things I do or destroy me for breaking any rules, (conditions), what a blessed news to hear and remember!

    I am so thankful that he does not remember my many sinful ways any more which keeps me from meeting what ever “conditions”, but rather all conditions for God to bless me have been met by Jesus, powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Thaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkkkk GOD for Jeeeeeeeeesus! What a victory?

  4. How I love God promise to Abraham. in-spite of Abraham’s short comings, God fulfilled His promise, because the one who promised cannot lie because He is God. amen

    now, this promise in the new covenant

    “God said, I will by no means, remember your sins no more” !

    therefore, If we are reminded of our sins, It is a lie from the devil!

    abound in grace and received the full forgiveness of all sins!

    oh… got carried away 🙂

    – grace and peace

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