Can You Keep a Secret?

You are stronger than a lion, more powerful than a thousand enemies. More than a conqueror, the Bible says!

Remember Samson? He was chosen from his mother’s womb to be a hero for God, a deliverer for his people. He was blessed with a supernatural birth, godly parents and upbringing, and was so strong he could do things no other mortal man could do. On one occasion he slew a lion with his bare hands; another time he killed 1000 Philistines with only the jaw bone of an ass; and he was strong enough to uproot the gate of the city, which probably weighed more than a thousand pounds, and single-handedly transport it up the hill overlooking the city.

What was the secret of Samson’s strength? Sometimes when we see images drawn of Samson, we see him pictured as a huge, muscular Goliath of a man. But that was not the case, for had it been so the Philistines would not have needed to hire Delilah to find out the secret of his strength. They would have seen it in his physique. But Samson was not a big man at all. He was probably less than average, as far as his physical strength and ability were concern. He was most likely the kind of guy into whose face you could kick sand and he would be too afraid to do anything about it.

The secret to Samson’s strength was not his bulging biceps, massive muscles, or tremendous triceps. It was his faith in God and the power of the Holy Spirit resulting there-from. Without his faith, Samson was a mere man, no match for the lion or the Philistines.

This Old Testament figure is an example of the typical Christian. Like Samson, we are blessed with a supernatural birth, the power of the Holy Spirit, and a high calling from God to defeat our enemies and bring Him glory with our lives. And when we place our faith in Him and allow the Spirit to fill us and work through us, we can do all things through Christ, everything God wants us to do. Like Samson, we are stronger than a lion and more powerful than a thousand Philistines. Like Samson, we are able to uproot and dislodge the gates of hell and overcome insurmountable obstacles.

Nothing is impossible to the Spirit-filled child of God who is committed to doing God’s will and depending on His grace.

Unfortunately, however, Samson is not remembered most for his strength and his accomplishments. He is remembered most for his wasted potential. With all that he had going for him, Samson died prematurely, having become a laughing stock to the Philistines. His life, even though God still worked through him, ended somewhat tragically and prematurely. Why?

Samson made a major mistake that cost him dearly. He revealed the secret of his strength to Delilah–his long, uncut hair. And when he did so, he took his eyes off the Lord and placed his trust in himself. That is always a recipe for defeat. No man who trusts in himself is a match for the forces of evil. Faith in God, not in ourselves, is our victory!

This is your “secret.” It’s between God and you. Guard it jealously. Don’t be deceived into forsaking it. Never forget, like Samson, when you are putting all your faith in the grace of God, and none in the arm of flesh, you are invincible!

4 Comments on “Can You Keep a Secret?”

  1. Oh yes dad bishop ! demeure une bénédiction pour les milliers de vie .Le père des nations ,général du Dieu vivant .Merci pour la révélations du mystère de la parole de Dieu.Que le seigneur continue à te remplir tous les jours pour son peuple.

  2. This is powerful for me at this very moment as a meditate on how a powerful God can choose to work through me in a mighty way, I am reminded to not lean on my own understanding but to acknowledge Him in every way for He is directing my paths and working to fulfill my heart’s desire. Good timing!

  3. Wow! What a powerful one again, and good day Bishop, I am really spiritually thrilled by this one and thank you so much.

    Unlike God, we always look at our weaknesses/failures simply beacuse we decieve ourselves by believing in ourselves other than believing in him and always look at things the way he wants us look at them, may the Lord help me look at things his way.

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