A Way to Overcome the Storm

This mission of love began after Jesus had completed a long day of ministry. Weary and tired, love compelled him to board a small boat to go over the sea of Galilee. “Let’s go to the other side,” He told His disciples. He did not tell them why; He kept the details a secret, but He was going to find Legion, a man possessed by demons that numbered in the thousands.

Soon after they embarked on their journey, Jesus fell asleep. Then a ferocious storm arose. So strong was the wind and the waves that the boat appeared to be in danger of sinking.

That storm was not a mere act of nature. Satan was behind it. He knew Jesus was on a special mission of love to rescue Legion. And he wanted to drown the ministry of Christ in the Sea of Galilee before He could get to Legion to deliver and change him.

Now, let me tell you, if you do not already know this, Satan wants to hold on to every man, every woman, every boy and every girl he has, to take as many people to hell he possibly can. He does not want to see one soul saved in your family, among your friends, or in your community. He does not want to see one mission of love succeed. So He will try to drown the ministry of Christ in you. He will do whatever he can to discourage you and frighten you.

The disciples panicked. Jesus, on the other hand, remained sound asleep. The entire time the storm raged, Jesus slept. I mean he did not awaken, even to pray! He was totally unconcerned and unmoved by all the noise, all the water, all the wind, all the commotion taking place around him. He slept through it all.

We can be like Jesus, so sure of God’s love, so committed to God’s purpose, so conscious of God’s presence and power that no storm will frighten us; nothing will cause us to worry or be afraid. So full of the Word and the knowledge of God that the angrier the devil gets and the more trouble he stirs up around us, the better we rest!

The disciples, however, not having yet renewed their minds with the Word, not having learned yet how to rest in the knowledge of God’s love and His unchangeable purpose, panicked. They could take it no longer. They cried out to Him, “Lord, don’t you care we perish?”

At that point, he arose and said to the storm, “Stop it!” And to the sea, “Be still, and remain still!” Immediately, there was a great calm.

Observe. What Satan, what the sea, and what the storm could not do, their prayer did! Satan could not move Him, the sea could not stir Him, and the storm could not awaken Him. But their prayer, not only awakened Him, it moved Him to stand up and speak on their behalf. Jesus could remain unmoved by the storm, but He could not remain unmoved when His disciples prayed.

Your prayers are more powerful than Satan, and more powerful than the sea and the storm. Your prayers are strong enough to move the One who can still the storm.

Child of God, since God hears prayers, instead of panicking, why not turn your care into prayer! Place your faith in the One, who is the Master of the Sea, to stand up and turn the mega storm in your life into a mega calm for you. That’s one sure way to overcome the storm!

2 Comments on “A Way to Overcome the Storm”

  1. Bishop, thank you for another powerful teaching and may the Lord continue to endow you with much more deeper wisdom and knowledge..

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