Is Christianity the Only True Religion?

Religions abound, all types, each claiming to be true. With so many religions in the world, how can one be sure which one, if any, is true? One thing is certain, they cannot be all equally valid and they cannot all be from God. Why? They contradict each other. If God authored more than one of them, He would have to be schizophrenic.

Either they are all false, or only one, at the most, is true. So which one, if any, is right? My answer is unequivocally Christianity. I respect all people and all faiths, but I believe in only one divinely inspired message and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Briefly, this is why I find Christianity to be true:

1. The uniqueness of its Source: Jesus. No other founder of any of the world’s great religions made the types of claims Jesus made. He claimed to be the Son of God, to have the power to forgive sins, and to be both the Savior and Judge of the world. And He’s the only one who died and rose again and presented Himself alive to more than five-hundred eyewitnesses afterwards! Jesus stands alone, in a class by Himself.

2. The uniqueness of its Scriptures: The Bible. Like no other holy book ever written, the Bible is filled with detailed prophecies of future events, places and people predicted hundreds of years in advance. It even predicts long before Christ, the name of the little town he would be born in, his flight to Egypt, the exact manner of His death, and His resurrection. No other book ever written contains so many fulfilled prophecies. The accuracy of hundreds of prophecies points to a divine source and proves divine authorship. The Bible stands alone, in a class by itself.

3. The uniqueness of its Solution: The Cross. All of the great religions have one thing in common–they recognize an internal problem in human beings that have resulted in a break down in their relationship with the Divine. To fix the problem, except for Christianity, all of them offer a system of laws to follow and rituals to perform. Within their systems, the onus is on man to do his best to make up for his deficiency and hope it suffices. Christianity differs. Instead of placing the onus on man, it looks to God for the solution. Instead of asking for a sacrifice, it provides the sacrifice. Instead of providing a system, it provides a Savior. The Cross stands alone, in a class by itself.

Is Christianity the only true religion? I am convinced it is. I am not being intolerant; I am just being honest. And here are Jesus’ own words to that effect:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. (John 14:6 NASB)

Either He’s a liar, a lunatic, or The Lord!

I invite you to consider Christianity’s claims and accept its Savior. Why not invite Him into your life today?

7 Comments on “Is Christianity the Only True Religion?”

  1. Amen for that powerful words of truths. Religions are many, religions are growing, and religions are sweeping many lives that include our relatives, friends and love ones. Bishop this is another significant tool can be used in ” Winning the Lost at All Costs.” Amen!

  2. indeed christainity is the ony true christ like step. remember HE told his disciple after his death that all power in heaven and on earth has been given to me

  3. This topic is certainly presented with great wisdom, this is so very true and it thus makes perfect sense, I pray that the Lord will continue take you beyond your own knowledge and usher you itno His deepest heart beat, Amen,

  4. Powerful and true no other religion teaches love your enemy, bless those whom persecute you. A man whom reflected humanity by His compassionate giving to the poor as well as the divine nature who performed Who said,I desire mercy, not sacrifice for I have not called the righteous to repentance but the unrighteous. I have not come to condemn the world but the world to be saved through Him. Amazing Lord. God bless you has been 8 years since I saw you at Bethel in Houston and God has brought me to 4 other nations to declare His glory and feed the hungry since then. To God be all the glory. Pray you and your family are well.

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