The Siege Is Over

the_siege_is_overWhat do you plan to do in 2014? If you refuse to give up, if you decide to walk by faith with God, to keep pressing forward in your relationship with Him, you will locate favor, you will step into abundance, you will march into victory, you will discover freedom.

That is what happened to the four lepers in 2 Kings 7. They moved by faith and located their blessings in God. The siege was over. The enemy had fled. The table was spread. There was enough for everybody.

I used to read this and think that the Syrians fled just before the lepers arrived. But that’s not how it happened. The miracle actually happened twenty-four hours before. The Syrian army actually fled the day before the lepers got there. God had already done the miracle. The very day Elisha prophesied a turn-around, it happened!

Yet everyone in the city of Samaria went to bed that night hungry and afraid, thinking they were still under siege. They were free, but still bound. They were rich, but still poor. They were full, but still empty. What a tragedy!

Unfortunately, this is a mistake too many Christians have been making. Going to bed every night and waking up every morning, thinking they are still under siege! But I want to remind you today, the siege is over, the enemy has fled, the table of grace is spread.

God says, “I have already delivered you from the kingdom of darkness. I have already placed you into the kingdom of my dear Son and blessed you with every spiritual blessing. I have filled Jesus with everything you need for life and godliness. The riches of Christ are all yours now!”

The faith of the lepers did not cause the miracle. The love of God did. But it did enable them to discover it. It did enable them to experience it.

Child of God, the siege is over. God has caused our enemies to flee and spread the table of mercy and grace before us. Everything has been made ready. So don’t just sit there. Do what the four lepers did. Get up. Walk with God by faith. See Jesus! Discover freedom! Enjoy the feast! The siege is over.

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