It Does Not Have to Be This Way

it_does_not_have_to_be_this_way_eblastHis birth was painful. Everyone said his life would be a failure. He was to be a sorrow-maker. His parents believed this too. They named him Jabez. Jabez means pain.

But he proved them wrong. Very wrong. He became the one his family looked up to. They even named a city after him.

And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren : and his mother called his name Jabez , saying , Because I bare him with sorrow . And Jabez called on the God of Israel , saying , “Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed , and enlarge my coast , and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil , that it may not grieve me!” And God granted him that which he requested.

Jabez overcame adversity. He changed his story. He altered the plot. He became great. How? He prayed to the God of Israel. That’s the power of prayer!

Prayer can change your story. You may not always be able to determine how things begin, but by tapping into God’s love and grace through prayer, you can influence how your story ends.

I have come to realize that by passionate, believing prayer, I allow God to rewrite the script, to alter the story line, to introduce some new characters, to get involved in the conflicts, to manipulate the details of my story to ensure that the climax is always for my good and for His glory.

God is a master storyteller. The best writers are able to keep the readers in suspense until the very end. There are things they allow the reader to hear and see, but then hidden behind all that is heard and seen is another story that is not revealed until the very end. That’s the kind of writer God is. Let Him finish your story for you.

Who said you cannot have a bad beginning and a good ending? Who said it has to be this way? Child of God, pray!

5 Comments on “It Does Not Have to Be This Way”

  1. Dear Bishop,

    I have always been blessed by your ministry, but since New Year’s Eve I feel the services have been phenominal and completely lead by the Holy Spirit. It was actually late last year that I started wrestling with prayer. I know I always say this, and I know it’s no coincidence but EVERY time you preach, it’s always something that I’ve been in conflict with in my spirit.

    Your series on Discovering Prayer has been more than helpful for me. There are days I feel I’m going to pass out when I pray and some days I don’t really care about prayer, because I’m angry or depressed or distracted. I feel this has been educational for me, specifically when you gave the example of Moses in Exodus and his conversation with God; I’ve never thought of it in that context before.

    It’s also very *exciting* to see the location! I have been holding out on my pledge for the campaign, I guess I’m one of those ;), but honestly I am waiting on my tax refund. I was just so happy to see how blessed this ministry is and how it can be a blessing to others! I remember the Howard U days, and it almost sounds incredible, but look what God can do! It is absolutely inspiring. I believe if God can do this for Bethel; I pray that I can “crossover” so to speak in my personal life.

    Thank you for your leadership and your obediance to the Holy Spirit!

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