The Power of Encouragement

021115_HowToBeAnEncourager_2Encouragement. Everybody needs it. Life depends on it. You can give it. Just do it.

When you encourage people, you say or do something that builds their confidence, supports their decision, or stimulates their action. You help them to start. You motivate them to continue. You challenge them to finish.

Encouragers are like filling stations. People look for them when they are empty. People need them when they are low. They fill our tanks with hope. They supply the boost we need to keep us going.

The world needs more encouragers and fewer discouragers. Fewer dream destroyers. Far fewer joy killers. Less people who drain your tank and more people who fill you up.

If you are not an encourager, consider being one. You’ll help many. But the one you will help the most will be yourself.

The generous will prosper. Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. (Prov. 11:25)

Child of God, you can be a cold glass of water to a thirsty soul. You can be a refreshing breeze on a steamy day. You can be an oasis in the desert for the weary traveller. Be an encourager!

7 Comments on “The Power of Encouragement”

  1. I’m bless by this post regarding encouragement. People round the world and in the Church need to be encourage in every life situations.

  2. Sound, sound teaching from the depths of endowed wisdom and the knowledge of God, thank you bishop.

  3. Encouraging others is like you are giving them a reason why they should continue. Encouraging others is far more refreshing, is far more lifting.Thank you BISHOP.

  4. Yes, BISHOP, you just boost my day,you just my just boost my thoughts realm. You just boost me continue being an encourager to me and to those weary travelers, as you mentioned. The World needs an encourager,The Church needs an encourager, Nations need encouragers.I praise God for you BISHOP, that you are indeed an Encourager. And I am one.Thank you my Father.

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