Have You Made Christ of No Effect to You?

Blog_Picture_05_27_15It is sad, but true, that you can make Christ of no effect to you. That is what Galatians 5:4 states:  Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. (‭Galatians‬ ‭5‬:‭4‬ KJV).  And when that happens, you cut yourself off from God’s unmerited favor and blessings.  Now, can you really afford to let that happen?

Yet, it happens far too often.  Like the Galatians, believers have a tendency to forget that they cannot justify themselves by law-keeping.  They try to deserve the Father’s blessings through their hard work.  To merit His answers to their prayers by their commitment to Him and their service. They inwardly hope He is impressed with them enough to give them more “grace.”

But such an attitude towards God achieves the exact opposite. It ties God’s hands and renders His grace ineffectual in our lives.  And the reason is simple.  When we are depending upon ourselves for justification, or for favor with God, we are not looking to Christ.  We are not drawing on His Life, making a demand on His ability, or releasing our faith in His power. We have essentially, often unintentionally, turned our backs on Him and all He offers in order to secure our blessings through self-effort.  We have made Him of no effect.

What I am describing is similar to what would happen if a person switches off the light in a room at night. By choice, he makes the electricity available in the room of no effect to him.  And as a result, he is immediately plunged into darkness.  Now, in order to see, he tries to find a match, but he has none; and so he stumbles in the dark.

Is this happening to you?  Are you stumbling in the dark because you have made Christ of no effect in your daily life?  And have you made Christ of no effect by unbelief and self-effort?  If so, stop right where you are today, and get back into the flow of God’s grace and love.  “Flip the switch” to “on” again.

Child of God, Jesus is everything God needs from you, and everything you need from God.  So, take your eyes off of yourself and fasten them on Him.  Agree with the Father that you will not ever try to deserve His favors again.  Instead, everyday, and in every situation, you will always look to Jesus for the Life you need from Him to live the life He wants from you.  By so doing, you will become established in the grace of God, the work of Christ will take effect in you, and you will start to partake of the power of Christ daily.

Now, that’s something you cannot afford not to let happen!

4 Comments on “Have You Made Christ of No Effect to You?”

  1. Amen Bishop! That was the exact word for me today. I have learned that when I think there is anything I can do to impress God I am being self centered and when I focus on my self I am not being Christ centered.

  2. I am touched just by reading this message.
    Moreover I have made Christ of no effect in my life presently, I am asking you to please pray along with me so that God can have mercy upon me and bless my life once again.

    • Please read this blog again and my other blogs at bishopdarlingstonjohnson.org. You do not need to ask God to have mercy on you, but to recognize and thank Him for the mercy He has already shown you in Christ. Remember, we make Christ of no effect by focusing on what we have done rather than on what he has done. Even if you have done wrong, God has never stopped loving you or blessing you, but you may have stopped receiving because your eyes were on your weaknesses rather than on His strength. Put your eyes back on what Jesus has done for you, not what you have not done for Him. Read my blogs and start meditating on the truths they teach. And your faith and love will begin to flourish again.

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