Let Me Hear From You

Hello friends,

Some of you may have noticed I have not been publishing new blogs lately.  I have taken a break to assess how to best use my time and how many people are actually reading and finding the weekly blogs helpful and valuable.  

Since I stopped publishing new ones, I have only had one person to inquire.  This suggests to me not many people miss the blogs and there is no need to continue producing them.

If I am wrong about this, and you really want me to continue my weekly publication of A Moment of Grace, I need to hear from you. Please drop me a line and let me know  your thoughts and feelings.

I am willing to resume writing, but only if I know it’s worth my time and effort because many people are actually reading and being helped by them.

Thank you.

Bishop Darlingston Johnson

32 Comments on “Let Me Hear From You”

  1. Papa Bishop. Ces publications me fait beaucoup de bien. Je vous prie de ne pas arrêter de nous envoyer ces messages qui nous fortifient. J’aime énormément vos messages et prédications sur la grâce. Cela m’a vraiment délivrée sur plusieurs points. Thank you so much daddy

  2. I did notice, but didn’t comment. The blogs should keep coming, they are inspirational. I also suggest that instagram especially and other mobile apps be used. Thanks

  3. Good morning Bishop sincerely I have been wondering what was happening with my subscription because I kept seeing articles on Facebook I hadn’t read but wasn’t receiving my weekly mails. I thought probably its a mistake with my mailing system.
    Daddy I don’t know about BWOMI members else where but I personally think we in Cameroon use these blog articles as a way to build a kingdom mindset and the way you talk on the grace of God in relation to diverse aspects is mind blowing. Every time I post your article on any of my WhatsApp groups the reactions are overwhelming .
    I am sorry I don’t take time to comment on the articles on this forum but I do elsewhere which u probably don’t see.
    As concerns whether we want you to continue or find the articles useful dad to say the least we miss them and we can’t help but be instructed by you.
    Please I look forward to the next article.

  4. Bishop,if GOD did not tell you to stop,don’t!continue cause someone out here is waiting to be safe by your Moment of Grace post. I’m often strengthened by reading Moment of Grace!


  6. Bishop please don’t stop. I only subscribed last week. This is because I read your messages on WhatsApp and Facebook and it changed my entire life. Daddy please don’t stop. Lives are being blessed by your ministrations. I love u. And Cameroon needs you to continue.

    • Dear Bishop,
      It is a good idea to find out if it is worth your time but be rest assured that I am one of those that enjoys your blogs.

  7. Daddy,

    Our deepest apologies for allowing you to ever thing that your time spent impacting us with the word is not worthwhile, only because of either our lack of communication or our inability to get through with our comments due to location/internet service barrier.

    Please know that we do read and look forward to the moment of grace as we don’t only enriched ourselves with the message, but also share it with others through forwards and hardcopy.

    Thanks for being a vessel of knowledge for us and may our Lord Jesus Christ continue to endowed you with more wisdom from above as we pray God’s continuous blessings upon you and Lady Chrys in Jesus Mighty name.

  8. Hello Bishop,
    As others said above, your messages are a blessing to many of us especially the lost. Your ministry has snatched me from the kingdom of darkness to light. Continue please, the world needs This! Blogging is not easy, but blogging the gospel is worth gold. Often times you need a reminder that you are impacting, please be reminded that you Are! Please keep up the great work!!!! We love you and lady CHRYS. Thanks.

  9. Please Bishop,
    I am really enjoying the Moments of Grace. Like others I read them over and over. When I have questions I search through them.

  10. Bishop, i don’t only read it but I also print it out and keep it for future use. Please don’t stop Bishop.

  11. I Read and followed your series and it has helped me in ways that I find my life less burden and relying on God’s grace only.Remain Bless Bishop.

  12. The Moment of Grace blog has been very inspiring and very helpful to me personally in many ways then one and I am sure it is to countless others as well. Please continue writing them Bishop, it is worth your time and it is a great blessing.

  13. Please continue; I don’t read all the time, but find them enlightening whenever I do. Do you post them to facebook or to twitter? I recommend that you should if not doing so already.

  14. wow! Bishop you made not believe that moment of grace has been helping me to prepare sermons and even start series that I thought for months. there are lot of interest sorry for not enquiring only assuming that you been occupied with the celebration. This is pastor Eddie Watson
    Bethel Liberia

  15. I enjoy reading Moments Of Grace. I also love that I can share the “moments” with my un-churched friends. They like it as well. Some say that to them it is getting a great lesson without all the church. Well I tell them as long as you get the word then I am doing my job. So yes if it is not too much I would love to continue to get them. But I also understand you are a busy man and if it is not enough time in your schedule and most are not using the blog to its full potential by all means let your time be used else where.

  16. I find inspiration and thoughtful insight in your blogs. I can, however, appreciate the time and effort required to produce them on a weekly basis. Perhaps a modified bi-weekly or monthly blog. I pray God leads you to the right decision, but know that they are being read. Blessings and Love to you, your wife and congregation. Gayle

  17. I just began reading your posts a few months ago. I have enjoyed them and would encourage you to continue. The world and the body of Christ need to hear more of the grace of God
    “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men…”
    No truer or more blessed words could be said.

  18. Daddy – I’m sorry I seldom comment on your weekly articles but permit me take out this time to confess that it’s really been life transforming and eye opening.

    Please – Don’t stop yet and I promise I won’t be passive any longer.
    Thanks so much and I Love you Daddy.

  19. I found your Moment of Grace Blog to be extremely valuable and helpful. I read it faithfully on Saturdays as I prepared for Sunday School and devotion. I enjoyed reading it as it provided powerful insights into spiritual matters. I definitely missed seeing it and was planning on inquiring about that.
    Your brother,

  20. Dad, sincerely I missed your messages. I always enjoy reading and I’m greatly blessed. You always addressed very key areas in my spritual life. My brethren and I have always been looking forward to Wednesdays and in the main time, we resorted to going through the previous messages. Most of us share your messages through Whatsapp application and indeed the feedback is great. I now understand how much our comments are important and indeed I will start commenting often. Looking forward to the weeks ahead with Moments of Grace. Cameroon really needs this.

  21. I always love reading your blog. It just seems to always come at just the right time. I’ve always thought I wish more people could read them. I understand if you don’t want to do them anymore. I want you to know how many times they have given me so much comfort and understanding that Jesus loves me. God bless you.

  22. Hello Bishop,
    Please do continue to write as the blogs have been very helpful to me personally and also as a source for sermon idea.
    I had been wondering whether it was as a result of the operating system change I did on my computer that was responsible for me not receiving the blog again. Please do continue writing.

  23. Greetings Bishop. I think it isn’t that people are not reading. I believe readers haven’t just felt the need to comment on the very thoughtful reflections. I copy and paste 98% of what you write of course with your name at the end on my Facebook page and the reaction is very positive. Please keep going and let the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you. Like a famous Cameroonian scholar put it ” let the ink flow”
    Divine Nchamukong.

  24. I am sorry that I did not make an inquiry when I did not see your blogs, as it’s said “assumption is the mother of all fatal errors,” I bleam myself. I assumed you stopped to start something new. I do read your blogs, Bishop and it helps me to reflect on my daily walk with God and my coworkers. Please don’t stop.

  25. Please continue writing the blogs. I assumed you had travel so you did not have the time to continue blogging . My family uses these blogs for our daily devotional and Bible study time. And for me personally, I always find it timely, inspirational, and encouraging. Thank you and a God bless you.

  26. Daddy ohhh I’ve really been wondering myself why I no longer receive the blogs. I rather thought my subscription to receiving had a problem. Daddy Bishop please continue writing, seriously some of us really need it. I never use to joke with my Moments of Grace, they are always power packed and life transforming.
    I’m looking forward to reading next Wednesday.
    #MomentsofGrace is Unique and its growth tool for me.
    I need it and I know many of my brethren in Cameroon need it too

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