You Are Not Still In Your Sins

Guilty or not guilty? Detectives look for clues. Lawyers seek to convince. Juries ask for proof. The stronger the evidence, the more reliable the facts, the more certain the verdict. We make bold claims concerning the sacrifice of Jesus. Do we have solid Biblical evidence to support our claim that because we believe in the […]

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The Father Who Killed His Son

His father killed him. He showed him no mercy. Killed him in a most terrible manner. Slowly, painfully, intentionally. He slaughtered his own son. A son that was all a father could wish for. A son who honored his father. A son he loved. He killed his own son!

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The Gospel In Four Words

Here is the Gospel in four words-not I, but Christ; or simply, Christ in my place. Christ in my place on the cross, Christ in my place in the presence of the Father, Christ in my place in the presence of my enemies, Christ in my place in prayer, Christ in my place in the […]

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