Receive Undeserved Blessings

Do you disqualify yourself from receiving God’s blessings because you feel you are not good enough? Do you feel that you have not worked hard enough, been holy enough, prayed long enough, or attended church often enough for God to save your soul and bless your life? If so, then this message is really for […]

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Receive Blessings, No Curses

What do you think of this statement, “Do good, God’s glad. Do bad, God’s mad?” If you believe this is a true statement and it is consistent with the New Testament, you are wrong. The truth is, God’s opinion of us in the New Covenant is not based on our performance, but on

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Judgment Day

Judgment Day is coming. You can read about this in the Book of Revelation. I remember how terrified I used to be to know this. But I am no longer. And here’s why

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