Say Good-Bye to Worry

Whom do you look to for provision, protection and promotion? If you are like most people, you are depending on yourself and because you are, you are under a lot of stress. And your life is characterized by worry, fear, and struggle. But there is a better way. It’s the way Jesus taught us to […]

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How Can Jesus Be God?

Some say He’s a good man, a prophet, perhaps the greatest and most holy man to ever live. But they say, He’s not God. Are they right? Can He be good, holy and great, and yet not be who He claimed to be? Consider this rational exercise, the trilemma argument, popularized by C.S. Lewis, to […]

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Is there really a God?

Here is the doctrine of the atheist. There is no God. Life is an accident. The universe began with a big bang. No one x Nothing = Everything! That’s his religion, and you better not mess with it! But no matter how hard I may try to believe his creed, I can’t! I guess I […]

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