Grace for the Fallen

Remember Samson? Just watched a powerful dramatic enactment of his story at Sight & Sound Theater in Pennsylvania.  His story is recorded in Judges 13-16. God chose him and anointed him to deliver His people from their enemies.  But his success depended upon his adherence to some very specific instructions God gave him.  One of […]

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Stop Calling Yourself a Sinner

Do you refer to yourself as just “an old sinner saved by grace?”  If so, you should stop it.  Why?  Because it is not the truth!  And you are contradicting Scripture and weakening yourself spiritually by doing so.   You see, you can be “an old sinner,” or you can be “saved by grace,” but It is […]

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Receive Blessings, No Curses

What do you think of this statement, “Do good, God’s glad. Do bad, God’s mad?” If you believe this is a true statement and it is consistent with the New Testament, you are wrong. The truth is, God’s opinion of us in the New Covenant is not based on our performance, but on

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