God Always Answers Our Prayers!

God always answers the prayers of his believing children, but his answer is not always yes. When our request is wrong, even if we are right, he answers no. I have discovered that some of God’s greatest demonstrations of love for me occurred when he said no to a request that he knew was not the best for me. I realize now that when he says no to something we ask for it is that he may say yes to something even better.

Such was the case in 1986, when I was praying for a particular job after completing college. I did everything I knew to do spiritually to get the job, but I was not hired. To say the least, I was disappointed and upset with God. More than 24 years later, I am so grateful he loved me enough to say no and was not willing to give me something less than his best just to pacify me.

The job was simply the desire of the moment and represented how I imagined God should meet my need at that time. But God was committed to doing more for me than I imagined. Instead of giving me this job to pacify me, he arranged for me to become the pastor of a young church in Monrovia, Liberia. Today, I am blessed to be the bishop of a major ministry and am most fulfilled.

God wanted to meet my real need and satisfy my deepest desire. In order to say yes to my real need, he said no to my superficial desire.

We should thank God when he says no to our prayers just as much as we thank him when he grants our requests. Whether his answer is yes or no, it is always for our good. The Father only gives the best!

3 Comments on “God Always Answers Our Prayers!”

  1. I strongly agree with you Bishop; it happens to me several times to receive “no’ as answer to my requests; I get frustrated and very sad, but when I say: God knows the best for me. I feel good and later on God work out with something better.

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