When Wise Men Worship

They Came, They Saw, They Worshipped

In Matthew 2, we find the story of wise men who traveled from the East to worship Jesus. They challenge me. How well am I responding to the good news that God has come to dwell with men? Observe three actions they took.

Firstly, they “came“. That is right—they came! Upon learning by revelation that Christ was born, they did not remain still. They immediately acted upon the revelation they had received. They took definite steps. They applied what they knew to themselves and then acted accordingly.

This is where too many fail. Hearing the Word and acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge is never enough. To experience God’s favor requires a willingness to do something with the Word we hear. God’s blessings become ours experientially when we allow the Word not only to inform our minds, but to inspire our hearts and influence our walk. The wise men did not only hear; they came.

Secondly, they “saw“. They saw the star and they saw the child. In one sense they saw what everybody sees—an ordinary looking boy with an ordinary looking mother in an ordinary looking house surrounded by ordinary things. But because they are diligent seekers of Truth and people of prayer, they saw more than others see. They didn’t just see a child, they saw the Son. They saw Spirit wrapped in flesh, Divinity clothed in humanity, Strength hidden in weakness, the Extraordinary dressed in ordinariness.

The fact is God “hides” Himself in ordinary people and circumstances, but because we do not expect to find him there, though we are looking directly at Him, we do not recognize Him. Those who are most fulfilled in life are those who can see God in the ordinary; who can look at the face of an ordinary looking child and see the face of God. The wise men cultivated the art of seeing the invisible and it paid off. Those who are wise will learn to see God when all others see is flesh.

Thirdly, they “worshipped”. While Julius Caesar “came, saw, and conquered,” the wise men came, saw and worshipped. That is, they were conquered by One too great to be conquered by any mortal, no matter how wise, how wealthy, how powerful! They were conquered by a love too glorious to be rejected and by a peace too wonderful to be resisted. They worshipped willingly; they bowed humbly; they surrendered gladly.

Then, Matthew writes, they offered Him their treasures—gifts appropriate for the One who is the King of kings, the Son of God, and the Son of Man!

In the light of how these wise men responded to the little they knew of Jesus, how do you compare? If you come like they came, see like they saw, and worship like they worshipped, you will be rewarded with what they were rewarded with—His presence!

5 Comments on “When Wise Men Worship”

  1. Hello Bishop,
    Your exactly spoke to my situation in this message. May God continue to use you; in bringing the undiluted word to us.

  2. Hello Bishop,

    Thanks for the powerful Christmas message. It enlightened me on quite a few things that makes me aware of the spiritual benefits enshrined in the news of the saviour’s birth. Hope you and your wife and family had a good  christmas. I pray the coming year will bring you lots of blessings in the ministry and your personal life.

    Stay blessed.

  3. Bishop always tells us to invest in the messages and since I work with the infants most Sunday’s and it’s hard for me to attend the evening services, the CD’s have been such a blessing for me. On my way to work and back I listen to this messages and I have been blessed and continue to be blessed. This past Christmas as I was out shopping, I was stuck in traffic for hours and while watching frustrated drivers I was relaxed and receiving my blessing.

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