‘“Do you want me to release the king of the Jews?” They shouted back, ‘No, not him! Give us Barabbas!’ Now, Barabbas was a robber.” (John 18:39-40)

Every day we make choices; some major, some minor. Every choice is important because choices have consequences. The world we live in is the sum total of the choices people make.

Given the opportunity to choose between Jesus and Barabbas, the crowd unanimously selected Barabbas. They unanimously chose a robber over the redeemer. They rejected the Christ in favor of a criminal. They voted for a murderer in lieu of the Messiah. Their choice was impulsive and illogical, driven by emotion, not directed by the Spirit. And it had serious consequences—the blood of an innocent man, God’s only begotten Son, was on their hands! Just a few hours later, Jesus was dead, the result of their choices.

Life is a constant struggle between good and evil, God’s way and man’s way. Unfortunately, like the crowd in John 18, masses of humanity continue to choose man’s way rather than God’s. They prefer Barabbas over Christ, even though Barabbas is a robber and a murderer. They choose Barabbas, even though he will rob them of joy and leave them empty inside. It’s illogical, but they do so any way.

Jesus also had a choice to make the day the crowd rejected him. Would he reject them also, or would he die for them? He chose to die.

Now, what about you? In your daily choices, who are you choosing? Barabbas, or Christ? Remember, choices have consequences.

4 Comments on “Choices”

  1. “CHOICES.” yes indeed, choices have consequences. I choose christ because with him there is eternal peace and harmony that you cannot get from anywhere else. with christ i see myself as a victor not a victim, i have this win win mentality no matter the situation or circumstance. with christ i see myself as more than a conqueror.The man of the world will let you down but JESUS never fails. Thank you Honorable Bishop D Johnson.Powerful inspiration. stay blessed and highly favored.

  2. I like the line “The world we live in is the sum total of the choices people make.”, it’s so true, when I think of wars, genocide and hatred it’s all the sum of poor choices made. however sometimes it’s easier to focus outwardly about the choices of others, and not my own your devotional helped me to recognize my own choices. thank you!

  3. What a powerful question to ask. Which way you choose will follow you for the rest of your life.

    Glory be to God Always and in Heaven our Father will prepare a mansion for his followers to live forever. This is where I want to be nothing is more precious than our Father Our Lord God.

    I think this question makes you be aware and think where you want to be. In todays time it makes you think and question yourself on which way you would have gone if you were there with the knowledge of today. I wonder how many people would have spoke up for Jesus and never let him be crucified.

    Thanks for the Message

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