He Was There For you

The day Pilate crucified Jesus he placed his fate in the hands of the crowd. “Should I release unto you the king of the Jews?” he asked them. With one voice all of them demanded, “Crucify Him!” All of them! Humanly speaking it was up to them whether Jesus lived or died. They voted for his death.

Now, frequently I have heard that those who shouted hosanna were now shouting, away with him. But it is highly unlikely that the multitudes who believed in Jesus, to whom he had ministered and whom He had healed, fed, and blessed in so many ways would so completely and quickly turn against him to this degree. Something else is happening here.

It is far more likely that this is for the most part another crowd which is under the influence of the jealous religious leaders who want to see Jesus destroyed. This crowd consists of his enemies. They are unanimous in their verdict because they are unanimous in their hatred and unbelief.

If this is the case, and I am certain it is, then humanly speaking, Jesus died unnecessarily. His friends could have made a difference. He died because those who believed in Him, who were convinced that He was indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world, were not there for Him. When they could have made a difference for Him, His friends were unavailable. Had enough of them shown up that morning to shout for Jesus, their voices would have prevailed. They could have secured His release. “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”

I suspect each person who stayed home that morning did so thinking that their presence was unnecessary. I suspect each one thought someone else could do what the other would do. I suspect they all felt nobody would miss them and the job would get done any way. They were wrong! Jesus died.

Jesus still needs His friends to be there for Him when the world is deciding against Him. Jesus still needs friends who will make their voices heard by their words and their actions. He still depends on friends who will cast their vote for him with their time, their treasure and their talents.

Have you made up your mind to be there for Him when He needs you? Don’t leave it for someone else. Remember, He was there for you.

4 Comments on “He Was There For you”

  1. Praise the name of the Lord Jesus! He’s always there for us, even when we ‘re not there for Him when He expected us to. Thank you Bishop.

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