My God! My God!

Often when we face painful circumstances, we ask why. Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Why is God allowing me to suffer like this? We engage in mind-wrecking gymnastics and heart-rending pity parties, as we struggle to make sense of our tests and trials.

Jesus also asked why. On the cross He shouted, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” This was the only time in Scripture we find Jesus addressing His Father directly as God. The physical pain and agony of the cross was nothing compared to the spiritual and emotional pain Jesus felt in being separated from His Father. On the cross, Jesus became sin for us, and on our behalf endured every curse visited by God upon sin.

Now, the greatest curse of sin is separation from our Heavenly Father. No result of sin can be compared to the barrier it erects between the Father and the sinner; that hides His smiling face and robs people of His sweet presence and loving favor. That is the greatest tragedy of sin! More than anything, it was to reverse this ugly outcome of sin that Jesus went to the cross.

This means when Jesus asked why on the cross, He was not having a pity-party. He was not angry; He was not frustrated. He was reversing the curse. He was enduring the curse of broken fellowship so that sinners could enjoy the blessing of uninterrupted communion!

You see, on the cross, the One who never sinned shouted, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” so that all who have sinned would be able to shout, “My Father, my Father, why have you blessed us so?”

Wow, I feel like shouting. I think I will. Glory!!!

4 Comments on “My God! My God!”

  1. Its an Eye opener….. This morning I question god…. Why this things happen to me always….. I am not able to bare this headache…..
    I am blessed by this word…. Praise God

  2. “All things is finished(accomplished)!!” Said Jesus. My God!!!

    Thanks Bishop!!! Alléluhiah!!!

  3. The word sent out is always a blessing to me. Today’s word allows me to reflect back to myself when I walk away from the church, I cry out to God, “My God why you know my heart and I love you and I walk away and one day a reflection of the word in the book of Jeremiah came to me God is right beside me because he said. I love the backslider, as for me I could hear my God saying return to me backslider O Israel I love you. He never leaves us nor does he forsake us. MY God. And yes WOW!!! Glorrrrry!!!

    Brenda Douglas

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