Keeping In Touch

Studies show that the average teenager sends and receives over 2,270 text messages a month. That is over seventy-five texts a day! What if we had a relationship like that with Jesus and with our Bibles? What a difference would be made in this world if believers stayed in touch with Jesus and His text as frequently and tenaciously as teenagers text and touch base with their friends!

When you received Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior, He forgave all your sins, past, present and future, and entered into a relationship with you similar to marriage. It is a relationship that is loaded with possibilities. It has the potential to make your life extremely fruitful and rewarding.

But like marriage, the relationship will only be rich and productive if it is deepened through ongoing communication and intimacy. This is why Jesus invites us to abide in Him. “Abide in Me,” Jesus said, “for as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine, no more can you except you abide in Me.” (John 15:4)

The key to deepening and enriching their relationship in marriage is for couples to spend quality time together daily, listening, talking, and sharing their love, thoughts, and hearts with each other. Likewise, the way to deepen and enrich our relationship with Jesus is to be conscious of His presence with us always and to attend to His presence in us constantly by listening to His Spirit, meditating on His Words, and sharing our hearts with Him conversationally. That is how we abide in Jesus and that is how we become extremely fruitful and useful to Him!

Are you in constant contact with Jesus? If not, why not?

Bishop Johnson

3 Comments on “Keeping In Touch”

  1. Bishop D. G. Johnson. Am really tounch and move by this words of you. I will make Jesus to be my constant friend in my life ever.

  2. I just get to HIM anywhere and at anytime! Truly sometrimes it’s hard to believe HE is there but He is always. So i tell it to myself when I need to hear it.

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