Does God Have Amnesia?

Amnesia is defined as the loss of memory, either completely or partially, due to some underlying cause, such as brain injury or shock.

I’ve recently been studying the life of Samson in the book of Judges. I am not impressed. I see very few signs that he took his call from God seriously. He is self-pleasing. He disrespects his parents. He lies. He sleeps with a harlot. He falls in love with Delilah. He breaks his vows. The Lord departs from him, and he does not even know it.

He suffers for his ungodly choices. Captured and enslaved, he loses his vision, his vigor and his victory. The Philistines mock him. In the end, a beaten, broken, and bruised man, he cries out to God to strengthen him one last time that he might avenge the loss of his eyesight. God graciously grants his request. He kills thousands of his enemies, but loses his life in the process.

That’s how I remember Samson, and I am not impressed!

But then I turn to Hebrews 11, and to my surprise, I find that God has included Samson among the heroes of faith, right alongside such notables as Abraham, Moses, and Daniel. Even more surprisingly, I see no mention of Delilah or any reference to how he willfully broke his vows. The way God portrays him in the New Testament one would think he never did anything wrong. What happened to God’s memory?

Does God have amnesia? He sure talks and acts in the New Testament like someone who does when it comes to recalling the sins of His children.

Listen to what He says in Hebrews 8:12, regarding those who believe in Jesus. “I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

So, I guess, the inclusion of Samson among the heroes of faith and the total absence of any reference to his failures really should not have shocked me. After all, God who cannot lie had promised to forget.

Beloved, God’s omnipotent love will not allow His omniscience to recall any of the sins of those who are in covenant with Him through Jesus Christ!

What God did for Samson, He’s done for you who have placed your faith in Christ. And on the day you are allowed to look into the Divine Record of your life, you will be surprised to see how much of your life God “forgot” to include. You will be surprised to see how good God makes you look in Jesus!

God does not have amnesia, but when it comes to recalling our sins, the blood of Jesus sure makes Him talk and act like He does.

Now, if you are forgiven and you know it, this is a good time to shout, Hallelujah! And if you have not yet received God’s free gift of forgiveness, there will never be a better time to do so than now. Why not receive God’s gift today! He’s eager to forget.

Bishop Johnson

15 Comments on “Does God Have Amnesia?”

  1. Reading this message gives me more assurance that our God is a covenant keeping God who never forget his people nor his promise. Thanks Bishop for this inspirational message.

  2. Describing Samson you once said, “how could a man with such a high calling, choose to live such a low life of sin?” I was blessed by that word. Once again, great piece. I thank God for the rare messages He gives through you.

  3. Wow Bishop this is an eye opening to the life story of Samson, I quess only God truly knows us and our weaknesses…He understands the heart I quess and what we are capable of doing even if his destiny for us fails. Thanks again.

    Evangelist King.

  4. Praise God Bishop for such insight into the Word.You have spoken so well and I am blessed this afternoon,I mean really touched by such wisdom unleashed by the Holy Spirit upon you. This is how God thinks concerning us but we are always on the complete opposite of God thought toward us.It’s no wonder he speaks of his thought in Isaiah 55:8-9 as compare to men. Thanks.

  5. O my God Bishop has enter deep into it again today and am seeing it in another dimention.
    My eyes has opened wide into this naked truth which i appreciate and accept deep in my heart.
    Bishop, may God continue to open up more for you to enter.

    Sis. Precious H.N. Jackson.

  6. Bishop, I am bless by this message and will change my mentality about how God think about me. Not like Samson, I can shout more halleluyah because of his share blood that make God never to remenber my past.

  7. Thanks, Bishop for this message. May the Lord, your boss, continue to use you mightly for the benefit of his people and the glory of his own name.
    You’re not blessed, bishop, you’re a source of blessing!

  8. Truly amazing! The series was an eye opener and this post just the same. Isn’t it wonderful when one considers alllllllllllll of the “unspeakable” and “indescribable” and “unmerited” benefits anyone can have in Christ Jesus?

    This is yet another proof that God’s love is unconditionally GREAT!

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