Does God Have Amnesia?

I am reblogging this one. Someone needs to hear this. Blessings!

A Moment of Grace

Amnesia is defined as the loss of memory, either completely or partially, due to some underlying cause, such as brain injury or shock.

I’ve recently been studying the life of Samson in the book of Judges. I am not impressed. I see very few signs that he took his call from God seriously. He is self-pleasing. He disrespects his parents. He lies. He sleeps with a harlot. He falls in love with Delilah. He breaks his vows. The Lord departs from him, and he does not even know it.

He suffers for his ungodly choices. Captured and enslaved, he loses his vision, his vigor and his victory. The Philistines mock him. In the end, a beaten, broken, and bruised man, he cries out to God to strengthen him one last time that he might avenge the loss of his eyesight. God graciously grants his request. He kills thousands of his…

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