Why Are You So Fearful?

When a terrible storm threatened to sink their boat on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus’ disciples panicked. Feeling they were going to drown while Jesus slept, they awakened Him with a rebuke, “Teacher, don’t you care that we perish?”

Jesus arose. Taking control of the Sea and charge of the Wind, He opened His mouth and said, “Peace! Be still! Remain still!” And like a baby, the Sea and the Wind went to sleep.

Then He lovingly rebuked His disciples. “Why are you so fearful? Do you still have no faith?”

The storm did not bother Him. He was sleeping while it was raging. What bothered Him was not the storm, but the fear that filled their hearts. Hadn’t He said to them before they boarded the boat, “Let us go over to the other side?” Didn’t they know when Jesus says a person is going over, he will not go under?

But observe. It was not His ability they doubted; it was His attentiveness to their need. Didn’t He care that they were in danger? How could He be sleeping when they were sinking? How could He be resting, when they were struggling for their lives?

Like the disciples, the deficiency many of us have in our faith is not in believing that God is able, but in believing that God is paying attention to us and to our situation, especially because He is so quiet. We suffer not from insufficient faith in His ability, but from insufficient faith in His love.

And that is why the Bible says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” You see, the antidote for fear is not knowing how powerful God is, but how perfectly He loves you.

In 2012, when Christ is quiet, when He seems to be asleep in your storm, it will not be because He does not care. It will be because He is in control. And because His love for you is perfect!

And this is my prayer for you; that you will come to know how perfectly God loves you, for when that happens, your storms will cease to frighten you.

Bishop Johnson

14 Comments on “Why Are You So Fearful?”

  1. Amen!! Thanks Sir!
    “the antidote for fear is not knowing how powerful God is, but how perfectly He loves you”
    i believe and receive!

    Happy new year Bishop Johnson!

  2. Thanks Bishop for this message. I am now reassured to trust God totally because I know He loves and cares for me so much that He will not let troubles in my life to run out of His control. Now I am free to give my all to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all I can ever ask or think. Halleluia

  3. Merci seigneur car tu es le créateur qui est au contrôle de l’univers ! thank you Lord. Remplis ton serviteur d ‘avantage ce canal de bénédiction qu’il est .

  4. Amen my Bishop and happy newyear to you and your family.
    Thank you very much for being a source of encouragement to me this morning.
    I know that God is at work.

    Precious H.N. Jackson

  5. Now I understand why my fear was so great in 2011. God is in control and I will wait on him. Thanks Bishop, the message is for me and now understand the Jesus is taking me on the other side and not under.

    Rachel J.

  6. Bishop, I thank God in the name of Jesus because he gives you wisdom.Thank you for this word, and by this we will standing front of evertyhing cause we know God is love us perfectly.

    I wish you the best for this new year especially LOVE.

    Be bless in Jésus name.

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