Do This And Live

The stench of death filled the air. The snakes were biting. People were dying. And they kept dying until God revealed the cure. “Do this and you will live!”

Do what? “Make a bronze serpent and hang it on a pole. Then if anyone is bitten let that one look at the bronze serpent and he will live.” And they did and they lived!

In the New Testament, Jesus compared himself to this bronze serpent. The bronze serpent on a pole is a type of the Son of God being judged in our place for all our sins and taking upon himself the curses we deserved. It reveals how the power of the serpent to harm us is neutralized by the work Jesus did on the cross.

Today, if you are “bitten” in your soul, mind, or body by the serpents of sin, sickness, or poverty, you do not have to die or be overcome by their poison. God has provided a remedy for the serpent’s bite. It’s the finished work of Jesus on the cross. That’s where the heads of “serpents” are crushed and their poison neutralized.

Child of God, you do not need to be afraid of the serpent’s bite any more. Keep meditating daily on how Jesus overcame every curse for you on the cross. Then if you ever feel the sting of the serpent’s bite, do not worry. Just remember to look attentively and confidently at the finished work of the cross and ask for a fresh revelation of the victory Jesus has already obtained for you.

Do this and you will live.

6 Comments on “Do This And Live”

  1. Yes Bishop, I know and I can testify He can do and is still doing for me. Thanks for this lesson of Ruth , I am learning a lot.

  2. Thanks Bishop,
    I can truly say reading your blogs has been a great help no stress to me in understanding my salvation and walk with Christ.
    You see, I grew up with a legalistic – crime and punishment, interpretation of the Bible. I used to think that living for Christ had to do with following all the laws of the Bible. And to tell you the truth Bishop, it was frustrating trying to live for God.
    One reason for my legalistic outlook is because of the Churches I attended had wrong interpretation. Secondly living in Liberia as a child, my father was fast with the rod and not too merciful at times as a result I did not understand mercy. I struggled with intimate relationships trying to be the best boyfriend – playing by all the rules I can find. But I would become very legalistic when the person I’m dating makes mistake. I would go into my crime equal punishment mindset and before you know it destroyed the relationship in an heartbeat, instead of praying for God to change my lady friend heart. I was trying to change them in the controlling manner just as much as I was trying to change myself until I started reading your blogs.

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