Jesus Will Turn It Around

Do not believe it when your mind tells you it’s over. Just because it looks bad today does not mean it will be bad tomorrow. Ruth is a witness.

Her past was horrendous. Her present dismal. Her future bleak. At least that’s how Ruth was feeling about life. Ten years earlier, her mother-in-law, Naomi, had left Israel for Moab to escape a famine with her husband and two sons. Now, tragically, she was returning home a widow and childless, with nothing to her name. Her husband and both of her sons had died. Ruth, her loyal daughter-in-law, was accompanying her on her journey, a young, childless widow herself.

Both Naomi and Ruth felt their lives were over. They saw no joy in their future. But this was not the end of the story. You see, when God is in the picture, the story is never over until His child wins.

What happened next? Ruth went out to find food, and she just “happened” to come to the field of a man named Boaz. Now, Boaz just “happened” to be a close relative of Naomi, who just “happened” to be a very wealthy man, who just “happened” to love Ruth at first sight, who just “happened” to be her kinsman redeemer.

Now, that’s a whole lot of “just happenings,” but I love how things “just happens” when the Lord is taking care of us. And how He can turn things around one-hundred eighty degrees for us. That’s what He did for Ruth. And that’s what He’ll do for you when your situation requires it.

The death of Ruth’s husband left her without a child and without a future. But when God blessed her with Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer, things turned around completely. Not only did Boaz provide her with the love of a caring husband and supplied all her material needs, God gave them a son, Obed, making her the great grandmother of King David and putting her in the blood line of Jesus, the Son of God. What a turn around! Her life was never the same.

Child of God, don’t give up when things seem hopeless. Jesus is your kinsman-redeemer. He’s your close relative because He became a human-being like you. He’s extremely wealthy, having ownership of heaven and earth, and everything in between. And like Boaz, He loved you at first sight and took you under His wings. You are the bride of Christ!

Lift up your head. Beautify yourself. Your story is still being written. Don’t allow yourself to put a period where God has put comma. If Boaz could turn things around for Ruth so completely, can you imagine what Jesus, your heavenly Boaz, your kinsman-redeemer, will do for you?

12 Comments on “Jesus Will Turn It Around”

  1. I’m searching for god thru faith & the holy spirit to change a situation that me & my wife are going thru. I finally opened my heart for jesus & can feel the holy spirit in me. & i know jesus is with us. Please pray for us!

    • You did the right thing. Keep on keeping on and God will turn it around for you. Bishop Johnson is a wonderful teacher of the Word. I’ve been listening to him since the late 80’s. He’s my favorite teacher. Although I don’t get to tell him this, but yes, he is! I thank God for him and his wife, my Sister Chrys, and the Bethel Ministry.

  2. Yes Bishop i hear u Sir, you preaching to me and i receive my turning around today in Jesus name. God bless you.


  3. Thank you again Bishop, certainly so, and since Christ is our foundation and covering, we can therefore ascend to no summits without a valley for all who believe.

    Like Ruth, I strongly believe that once we submit to His will while faced with ugly giants, there has got to be a divine turn around in our lives, hence, we should learn to count all such situations as a blessing.

  4. Thank you Bishop Johnson! I know that Jesus is at work in my life. I am very confident that He will turn things around and change my story. For He is my Kinsman Redeemer. Hallelujah! What an Awesome Word.

  5. Thanks u very much, I have been blessed from all your teachings. Mqy God continue His blessings upon u so that u will always be a bless to our Nation, Liberia and the world.

  6. Bishop I believe my Lord and savior, God almighty will ans he is turning my situation around. No matter what my struggle is or was, it not over for I know my true redeemer liveth. The enemy may had gotten a hold of me, but my savior is working in my favor, n when God favors u, the enemy get scared because u r favor forever. Amen

  7. Thanks again Bishop, I know Jesus can and He is doing great works in me. I am enjoying this teaching so much. I feel His presence everyday. I am indeed blessed to have a kinsman redeemer.

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