Put the Power of God’s Word to Work for You

Has anyone ever said to you, what will be will be? Don’t believe that lie! God has given you much more influence over the events of your life than that. Indeed, God is sovereign, but in His sovereignty, He has established certain laws and principles that are always true and that are for our benefit. When we understand those laws and act in accordance with them, they work consistently and predictably.

One of those immutable laws is that of

seed-time and harvest. Farmers rely upon that law all the time and it works always and everywhere. Plant good seeds in good soil and they will produce after their kind. Orange seeds will produce oranges, never apples! Mangoes will produce mangoes, never grapes! And they will produce abundantly. God made the seed and the soil to work in this manner for the benefit of men.

And what we observe and benefit from in nature is actually a demonstration of an even more powerful spiritual law that is at work in the world. Just like man is made in the image of God, earth is made in the image of heaven, and physical seeds are made in the image of divine seeds.

In the Parable of the Sower recorded in Matthew 13, Jesus describes the action of a sower who planted seeds in different types of soils. The seeds that fell on good ground produced exceedingly, up to ten-thousand percent. Then Jesus said, the seed is the Word of God.

The Word of God is described in I Peter 1:23 as “incorruptible seed” which “lives and abides forever.” Hebrews 4:12, described it as alive, active, and sharp. And Hebrews 1:3 calls it the “Word of His power” by which He holds the entire physical world together. Additionally, Hebrews 11:3 avers that God creates worlds by means of His spoken Word.

What this means is that we can count on the law of seed-time and harvest to work just as predictably with divine seeds as with physical ones. Just like a farmer determines the harvest he wants and chooses the seeds that can produce the harvest, the child of God can determine God’s will for him by prayer, and then purposefully plant the Word into His heart to produce that will. Once the Word enters his heart, as a seed, it will immediately release its power on the inside of him and begin the process of manifesting the will of God in his life. The process from germination to manifestation always involves a measure of time. Thus, as in farming, faith and patience are required. What the child of God needs to do during this period is to keep believing, while holding fast to the confession of His faith in the promise and the finished work of Jesus. At the time appointed, the blessing will manifest.

Child of God, just as God supplies physical seeds to farmers, which they can plant in order to create the particular harvest they desire, He has supplied you with the most potent force available in the universe, His Word. And just like a farmer does not look at his field and say, what will be will be, but determines the type of harvest he wants and plants his seeds accordingly, neither should you look at your future with a passive, fatalistic attitude. No, if you are born-again, the grace of God has provided you with the most powerful seeds in the universe. Jesus died so you could have the right to these seeds. Plant them in your heart diligently, believe them wholeheartedly, and speak them boldly. Then rest in the finished work of the cross, and the Word will do the rest.

3 Comments on “Put the Power of God’s Word to Work for You”

  1. Bishop this is simply powerful. Most times we plant with doubt and fail to reap the results. In fact faith could also work in the reverse. Your current post provides the prescription for how we can cultivate and harvest bountifully. Thank you for your relentless efforts in making so practical what many of us have so much trouble understanding. God bless you. But how about HOME IMPROVEMENT 102?

  2. Good morning Bishop, am blessed each time I get to eat of the seed God gives you to plant and I pray that He continues to use you the more in His service.

    This is another power message, a true son of a father will certainly behave just like his father no matter what, it is in the blood stream just like His words in us.

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