How a Man Ought to Love a Woman

how_a_man_out_to_love_a_woman_eblast_3Guys, The Lord gave you only one instruction concerning your wife. Not ten, just one! And here it is.

“Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the Church.” (Eph.5:25) Not lord it over her, not abuse her, not enslave her–love her! Could not be any simpler, more clear, less complicated!

Love her how? In the same exact manner Jesus loved the Church. He’s the perfect role model. Treat her exactly as Jesus treats His bride.

How did Jesus love the Church? The answer is found in Ephesians 5:25-33. Check it out for yourself. But here is a quick summary.

He sacrificed for her. Placed her needs before His. Gave up His privileges for her sake. Died for her.

He sanctified her. Set her apart from everything else. Put her in a class all her own. Made her the sole object of His uncommon attention and affection.

He made her feel secure. Left Heaven for her. Treated her like Himself. Honored her. Made her feel He would never leave her or forsake her. Called her bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.

He derived His satisfaction from being with her. Presented her to Himself. Enjoyed her. Cherished her. Nourished her as a gift from God.

Hey Guys, that’s how a man ought to love a woman! How are you measuring up? Are you falling short?

Now, don’t come under condemnation. Jesus’ death covers our failures. You may not love your wife as perfectly as Jesus loves the Church yet, but that is the standard He has set for us. And He has given us the ability to love like this, if we are in Him. His love is already shed abroad in our hearts.

So if you have not yet mastered the art of loving your wife, and we all struggle to some extent, don’t lower the standard. Increase your faith! Turn to Jesus for help. Lean on His grace and by faith choose daily to love your wife as He loved the Church. You will be surprised at how fulfilled you will be.

9 Comments on “How a Man Ought to Love a Woman”

  1. Excellent Bishop, it hit all the points and areas. When you have the chance and time could throw some light on how the woman should love her husband. That would be a nice follow-up to this discussion..Have a beautiful day

  2. O my God, thank you so much Bishop i hope all men will listen to this biblical advise and guidelines and also try to share with those that cannot read this, then i believe the high rate of devorce will decrease automatically in Jesus name.

    God bless you sir.

    PHN Jackson.

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