Just Killing Time!

just_killing_timeOn more than one occasion I’ve asked someone what he was doing and got the response, “Just killing time.” Unfortunately, that’s what many people do with the time God gives them–they just kill it. But what a sad thing to do with time! When you are killing time, you are not just committing murder. You are committing suicide. You are killing a part of yourself. Time is life.

That is one reason that it’s so wrong not to start things on time, and not to keep your appointments because when you cause a person to waste his time you are causing him to waste a portion of his life. A person who does not value his time, does not attach value to life.

This is why the Apostle says to believers in Ephesians 5:15f, “Do not live as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

It is really unwise to waste time. In fact, it is pure foolishness. Time is too precious to waste.

I do not know what you did with your time in 2012, but the fact we just entered 2013 means God has seen fit to give all of us still here a little more time. This is a gift from God. Don’t squander it.

Here are a three reasons why we cannot afford to squander time:

1. Because our state in eternity depends on how we use time. For born-again Christians, our use of time will determine our heavenly crowns and our position in eternity–the greatness of our rewards. For unsaved sinners, their use of time will determine whether they are beaten with many stripes or with few–the severity of their punishment .

2. Because our time on earth is very short. Many of us have already crossed the half-way mark, the clock is winding down, and the sun is starting to set. The Bible says our life on earth is but a vapor, like rising smoke that vanishes away. When something is in short supply, the value increases. The less you have on hand of a valuable commodity, the more scarce it becomes, the more concerned you are about how you use it.

Job exclaimed that his days were faster than an eagle. And the Psalmist asked God to teach him to number his days so that he could apply his heart to wisdom. (Psalm 90). James says as we make plans for tomorrow, we should say, “if God wills.”

Time is in short supply. Therefore, it’s too valuable to waste. If you do not think this is true, look at yourself in the mirror and that should be enough to let you know you do not have the luxury to waste time.

Our time is so short and the work which we must do is so great that we have no time to spare. Furthermore, we do not even know how short our time is. We do not know how much time we still have left on earth. And that should make every day, every hour God blesses us with on earth more precious.

3. Because when time is gone, it cannot be recovered.

We all possess many things that we can regain if we part with them. I remember selling my Ford Fairmont Futura when I was in college to a friend. Later, when he wanted to sell it, I bought it back.

I wish I could do this with time. I sometimes look in the mirror and yearn to be 35 again, but that won’t happen. Those years have been spent; they are gone forever, and they cannot be recovered. No amount of effort or money can get those years back for me.

So since time is so precious, and to kill time is to kill part of ourselves, since once gone it cannot be recovered, and since the time we have on earth is so short and the work we are called to do so great, what do you plan to do with the time God will give you in 2013?

“Redeem it,” God says. In the Greek, redeeming can mean “to buy up, ransom, or rescue from loss.” That means, it is the will of God for you to rescue your time from people, things, habits, entertainment, and all activities that steal your time, that consume it, that squander it. Rescue your time from the time-killers, destiny-destroyers, and purpose-annihilators.

And then what? You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which He has ordained for you to walk in (Eph. 2:10). Use your rescued time to make the most of every opportunity that God gives you to work on things that you were ordained for–things that really matter to God, that honor Jesus, and bless people!

In 2013, you get to redeem your time by unloading everyone and everything holding you down, keeping you from running your race, preventing you from pursuing your God-given destiny in Christ and winning your heavenly crown.

Please don’t kill time. Use it for the glory of God!

Happy New Year!

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