Words to Live By

071615_Words-to-Live-ByOver the years as I have meditated in the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit has either revealed some things to me directly to change my thinking, or indirectly through a book I read or sermon I heard. These are words to live by.
Below are a few of those Gospel nuggets. I pray they bless you as they have blessed me. Renew your mind with them. As you will see, Christianity is the celebration of what God has wrought for us in Christ.

  1. “The Gospel in four words: Christ in my place.”
  2. “Grace put law out of business and replaced it with life–the life of Christ.”
  3. “Christianity is not religion. It is not self-improvement. It is not about a person doing his best to be holy. Christianity is Life. It is God’s Life, imparted lavishly to you, working powerfully in you, and flowing miraculously through you.”
  4. “Jesus did not come to make bad men good. He came to make dead men live.”
  5. “Spiritual disciplines are not the way we make God happy with us. They are the way we find our happiness in him.”
  6. “The purpose of the law is to disqualify me for any blessing so that grace may qualify me for every blessing.”
  7. “Christianity is not imitation. It’s manifestation, the manifestation of Christ in us.”
  8. “When I see the cross, I see the love of God overcoming everything for me.”
  9. “I am not saved because I am good. I am saved because God is good. I am not blessed because I love God. I am blessed because God loves me.”
  10. “Salvation–the Father thought it, the Son bought it, the Spirit brought it, and thank God, I’ve got it!”
  11. “The only condition I need to meet to experience all the promises of God made to me is to believe Jesus met all the conditions for me.”
  12. “Covenant promises depend on the faithfulness of God to keep his promises, the ability of Jesus to meet the conditions, and our willingness to believe it’s so.”

2 Comments on “Words to Live By”

  1. daddy this is amazing how in just feww lines u could just touch the whole grace reality. thanks for availing urself for God to use u.

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