The Greatest Battles In Life

In spiritual warfare, the devil’s primary target is your mind because he knows that if he can control your thoughts, he can control your emotions. If he can control your emotions, he can control your behavior. He knows that the only way he can get into your spirit is to come through your mind. Therefore, he bombards your mind with wrong thoughts designed to produce doubt. Thoughts that produce doubt will lead to discouragement, if not dealt with, which will result in disobedience.

The greatest battles in life are not fought in your circumstances, your relationships, or with those you work with; but are fought within your mind. That is where you win in life and that is where you lose. Your most valuable piece of territory is between your ears. This is why we have to put on the helmet of salvation; to be in a raging battle with your head exposed is frightening and crazy.

The Father knows the reality of the spiritual world and understands the reality of the spiritual battle we are fighting. He knows how much Satan wants to assail you with doubt and discouragement and lead you to disobedience. Knowing this, Papa God, in His love for us, provided the helmet of salvation as divine protection for our head and mind.

How do we put on our helmet? We do so by consciously filling our minds with the good news that we are totally forgiven and accepted in Christ Jesus. Instead of allowing ourselves to dwell on our sins and failures, we choose to focus on God’s love and grace. We choose to meditate on the work of Jesus in saving us from present guilt and future judgment. Daily we read, meditate, listen to and speak words that help us to rejoice that our salvation is secure–a finished work for all time. By being conscious of our eternal security through our faith in Jesus, we can protect our minds from assault and enjoy peace of mind!

11 Comments on “The Greatest Battles In Life”

  1. Bishop, i was not reading your posts, but today the holy Ghost just move me to read one, i did. Thanks for speaking to my situation directly, may God continue to use you mightily.

  2. Thank so much Bishop, It is not you but it is GOD HOLY SPIRIT talk to me, devil used much my thought but from now you heal me through your message, God continue to use you Bishop Darlingston.

  3. Yes, the mind is the greatest battle field, Bishop it so true, even as we look toward the new year. Let remember to renew our mind daily by the word of God. It is the only way we can defeat the devil.

  4. First visit to my Bishop’s blog and as always, I am encouraged and proud. You preachin’ good oh Bishop Johnson, in church and on the web!

  5. Reading this ofcourse, I’m encouraged by it, but it is a day by day walk. I like the line ” listen to and speak words that help us to rejoice that our salvation is secure–a finished work for all time”; I think scientifically this is true too. Being in the mental health field, we learn about the brain and the relation of the frontal lobe and the limbic system. Our Amygdala overfloods our frontal lobe (which is responsible for our rational thought processes) once flooded can cause stress on the brain and the body eventually leading to depression, anxiety schezophrenia etc… In Cognitive behavioral theory we have to reframe our minds and sometimes through self talk to focus on what we know to be true and what we think is there to scare us; I don’t think God created the human body for fear but our emotions as you mentioned can ruin us…at least that’s how I understand your blog today, thanks for this!

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