How To Be Holy

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  1. We are proud of u Bishop for by the Grace of God u have taken Bethel around the globe.

  2. Thanks Bishop for discussing such an important subject. As you clearly articulated, holiness as a Christian is not based on our self-effort but rather it is Christ Jesus living his life in and through us. Furthermore, our trust should be in the ability of God working in us to live a life holy and pleasing unto him. I really appreciate the emphasis you made that it is encumbered upon us to take our eyes off ourselves and continue to trust God Additionally, it is important to note the believer must cultivate the desire to live a holy life. In view of this, I am of the opinion that we should not take light the Scripture that encourages us to pursue holy living which gives us the responsibility to want to be like our Heavenly Father in both nature and character. Responsibility within this context does not mean self-righteousness but rather it is having the desire to live a life worthy of our calling. Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to share my thoughts. Just to let you, I always read your articles and they are always inspiring. May the hands of the Almighty God continue to rest and reign in and through you in Jesus’ Name. Thanks, Pst. Mitch.

    • Pastor Mitch,

      You are right, we are to pursue holiness. But how? The point of the blog is that we should do so by faith, not according to the flesh. By turning to Jesus and believing He is working in us both to will and to do. By confessing He is our holiness–by the way that is how you cultivate the desire for holiness–by seeing Jesus as your holiness. Remember, Jesus’ answer to those who wanted to know how to do the works of God? Only believe! I am sure they thought there had to be more. When we believe, God does exceedingly abundantly above anything we can imagine. If people’s minds are renewed to the reality that holiness is God’s gift to them and they start acknowledging the gift they have received it will change their walk and their talk.

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