The Power of Your Tongue

The most powerful member of your body is your tongue.  Don’t believe me? Then take a quick look at what the Bible has to say on this subject.

“A man’s stomach shall be satisfied from the fruit of his mouth; From the produce of his lips he shall be filled. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.”  (Proverbs 18:20-21 NKJV)

“Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.”  (Proverbs 21:23 NKJV.)

“Do you see a man hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.” (Proverbs 29:20 NKJV)

“If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless.” (James 1:26 NKJV)

The Apostle James, in his epistle, writes if anyone can control the tongue, he can control his entire body. He compares the tongue to the rudder that controls a ship. The rudder is tiny, but in spite of the size of the ship and the strength of the winds, it determines the direction the ship will sail. He compares it to fire also–just a tiny spark is enough to destroy an entire forest. “Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things!” (James 3:6)

And on the very first page of the Bible, the very first lesson God teaches us is the power of words and how to use words to produce good in the world.  In Genesis 1,  God looked at the empty space and all He saw was darkness. God did not like what He saw. It was contrary to His will. He did not want darkness, He wanted light. So, what did God do? He did not remain silent. He spoke!

But what did He say? Did He say, “Oh, look how dark it is and it’s probably going to get even darker?” No, He looked at the darkness and spoke words of light into the darkness. God said, “Light be.” And light was. With His words, He caused the light to come and the darkness to leave.

The very first lesson God teaches us is that words can cause darkness to leave and light to come. Words still possess the power to do this, both God’s Word and our words. And just like God used His words to cause things to happen in His world, you can use your words, intentionally, to cause light to shine in your world.

God’s world is huge; your’s not quite as huge. You do not have authority over the whole world like God does, but your words do have authority in your world.  So, when you look out at your world and you see darkness, you have a choice to make. You can reinforce the darkness you see, or introduce the light you want to see.

Child of God, the God-given means for accomplishing this change is the words you speak out of your mouth. Death and life are in the power of your tongue. So, speak life that you may live.

“He who guards his mouth preserves his life, But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.”  (Proverbs 13:3 NKJV)

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