Should You Still Be Looking For Jesus?

Too many Christians are still looking for Jesus.  Too many are still “seeking” Him.  And I wonder why.

I know Jesus said we should “seek and we will find.”  And I know many use the term “seek” to refer to steps they are taking to hear from Him and receive divine guidance. And that’s fine.  But seeking Him as though He is far away, or hard to find, makes no Scriptural sense.  In fact, it’s an act of unbelief.

Didn’t He say, “I am the Vine, you are the branches?”  Isn’t His name, Immanuel, “God with us?” What about the mystery of “Christ in you, the hope of glory?” And what was Paul speaking of when he wrote, “For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones?”

Listen to what the Lord spoke to an unknown Christian years ago:   “If I am in you, and you are in Me, and I am closer than the air you breathe, then why are you still looking for Me?”

Believers spend time and effort needlessly seeking what we already have, trying to achieve what is freely given.  What Adam lost in the Garden, the pleasure of being one with God, Jesus has restored to all who are in Him.  No more estranged, no more separated, we are now bone of His bones, and flesh of His flesh.  We are one spirit with the Lord!

So, why are Christians still looking for Jesus when He has found us, joined Himself to us, and put Himself in us? The Lord is never far.  Never.  For this reason, your need is not to look for Him, but to be aware of Him.  Not to search for Him, but to explore Him.  The time you spend seeking Him would be better spent enjoying Him.  In His presence is fulness of joy and at His right hand pleasures forevermore!

If you want to feel closer to God and more aware of His presence, all you need to do is draw near through the “new and living way,  which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh.” (Heb. 10:19-22).   That is, commune with God by believing Jesus’ blood, not your works, has brought you near and imparted to you the gift of righteousness.  With child-like faith, accept your union with Him as His gift to you, made possible by His blood.  Then spend your time filling your heart and mind with thoughts of all He freed you from by dying for you and all He freed you to by rising for you and living through you.

Now, don’t feed sparingly on Jesus. Feed daily and greedily on Jesus’ loveliness, His oneness with you, His gift of righteousness, and all He accomplished for you through His cross.  Drink it all in. Eat it all up.  Do so, because the more you feed on Jesus,  the more the joy of your salvation will bubble up and overflow in you.

6 Comments on “Should You Still Be Looking For Jesus?”

  1. Good day Saints

    I really been blessed with these messages hope you continue to feed me with more .

    Best regard

    Roland K. Tavazu From Liberia

  2. True revelation Bishop. Being filled with all that he has accomplished for me through His death and resurrection keeps me going on a daily basis. I don’t have to look for Him; He’s right here and at all times with me. Great!!!!!!!!

  3. Amen. True that we run around looking looking for Jesus forgetting that He lives in us. And these days we are after miracles and prosperity. He actually promised us that He will never leave nor forsake us. Because his word is true, and because He never changes we shouldn’t doubt Him

  4. Awesome. I have learned something new through reading this. Learning truly is the continuous manuring of the mind. Thank you Bishop.

  5. This is interesting Bishop, so my seven days and fourteen days fast which some see as the means of seeking his presence is no longer necessary?
    Learned something new again today, He’s already in me and for me and no need of searching for him

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