Win the War Before It Begins

Satan is “going about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”  Jesus called him a thief who comes “to steal, to kill and to destroy.”  He attacks our families, our finances and our health. He goes after our faith, our hope, and our love with a vengeance.  But he is no match for a child of God who knows whom he is in Christ and knows how to resist him.

When you engage the enemy, you should never fight “for” victory. That would be a losing strategy.  Instead, always stand on the finished work of Jesus and fight “from” victory.  Go against him, knowing he is already defeated, and therefore the outcome of your personal battle is not in doubt.

This is what happened when Israel was challenged by Goliath.  King Saul and his soldiers trembled in fear.  They knew they were no match for the Philistine army under the leadership of this powerful giant.  They expected defeat.

But all of that changed when David defeated Goliath for them and cut off his head.  Having lost their head, the Philistines  plunged into panic mode and began to run. Emboldened by David’s victory over Goliath, Israel entered into his victory and began to pursue them.   No longer fighting “for” victory, Israel was now fighting “from” victory.  Their fears vanished.  Their victory was now guaranteed.

The Christian war is like this.  It is the only war that is begun after it has been fought and won by another. Jesus fought it two-thousand years ago for three days and nights on the cross and in Hades.  On the third day, He arose from the dead, having won our victory for us, in the same manner David won the victory for Israel.

Child of God, you never, ever again have to fight the enemy for victory. Jesus has already done this for you.  Instead,  you should decide to enter into Jesus’ victory for you, just like Israel entered into David’s for them, and enforce that victory by believing prayer, with God’s Word in your heart and on your lips.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.”  (‭‭I John‬ ‭5:4‬) 

Note the past tense (aorist in Greek). Literally, it reads, “and this is the victory that has already overcome the world.”  Hallelujah, you can rejoice, because that battle you are currently engaged in, has already been won for you!

4 Comments on “Win the War Before It Begins”

  1. Bishop, this is awesome. It makes it so great to live the Christian life. I was made a winner since 2000 years ago. In Christ all is complete. I wish every Christian understands this. I face every battle already a winner. Jesus fought it all and won. How the struggles of many Christians will come to an end with such understanding. Many are being told that the Christian life is a battle. So fight to win. Some have sleepless nights because they fight demons in prayers all night.
    Kingdom blessings, Bishop.

  2. Thanks your Eminence for giving me such a powerful tool for the rest of my life, to know that am fighting from victory and not for victory through that which Jesus Christ did on the cross for me…”His Finished Work”…

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