God Freely Gives To You All Things

It’s unfortunate that so many Christians have not grasped the extent of the Father’s love and how eager He is to meet their needs.  They beg, they cry, they sacrifice, all in an effort to “get” God to hear their prayers.  To persuade Him to meet their needs.  But is any of this necessary?

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You Are God’s Gift to the World

Do you need to be needed? I do. I would hate to be unnecessary. Irrelevant. An appendix in the body. Thank God, this is not the case for me. Nor for you. God would never do that to us.

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Just Killing Time!

On more than one occasion I’ve asked someone what he was doing and got the response, “Just killing time.” Unfortunately, that’s what many people do with the time God gives them–they just kill it. But what a sad thing to do with time! When you are killing time, you are not just committing murder. You […]

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