Don’t Let Them Fool You!

dont_let_them_fool_you“Truth is relative. All religions are the same. All that matters is that you do what makes you happy and you treat other people right. As long as you are sincere, God understands.” You’ve probably heard people express these sentiments. It’s becoming more and more popular to talk and think this way. But don’t be fooled!

If you drink a glass of poison because you sincerely believe it’s a glass of milk, your sincerity won’t save you. You may still die. When it comes to your physical life, what you drink matters!

And so it is with your soul. What you believe matters! Dead religion, atheism, and humanism are deadly poisons. Swallow them, they kill, no matter how sincere you are.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father except through Me.” Believe this and you will live with God, forever!

“Why,” you ask, “should I accept His Word?” Consider this. The Romans killed Him. He said they would. And He said on Day Three He would rise again. He did. An empty tomb is there to prove it. He has a track record of always telling the truth and of doing things only God could do.

Oh, there’s another reason you should believe in Him! He loves you and is going to return to receive you so that where He is, you may be also.

Don’t let them fool you. What you believe matters! Receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior today, and you shall be saved.

8 Comments on “Don’t Let Them Fool You!”

  1. God bless you Bishop, that’s a wise decision i’ve made in my life and i will always be grateful to God for that.
    Indeed Jesus is the way, the truth and the live, no man meaning all can come to the father but through Him. Accept Him today, He is always willing to accept you unconditionally.

    PHN Jackson.

  2. Knowing God is a choice one has to make but let us be mindful of the the choices we make as we will be held for the conciquencies there off. Jesue said I came so that they may have life.It is late for me to be fool thank God for my life amen.

  3. Thanks, Bishop:
    They called it secular, modernized, contemporary dialogue and good will to humanity, dialogue between, religions, humanism and Atheism.
    Dialogues, can be accepted to avoid religious fanaticism. But humanism and Atheism as a good will toward humanity, unacceptable. It is only man, trying to show himself off. But such showoff without Jesus, doesn’t save un-regenerated men.
    Humanism and Atheism, with all their human rights, and dialogues, still need Jesus….

  4. My wife and i had a devotion this morning and our topic was ”knowing God”. as we study this morning, the Lord opens my eyes to know that people have been deceived because they don’t know God! To know God and knowing about Him are two different issues. Even the elect has been fooled and will be fool for only knowing about God and don’t actually know who He is.
    I cannot be carry away because i know the God whom i serve so i can’t be fool. It’s too late to allow them to fool me (John 17:3).

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