Blessing You Is God’s Idea

Do you ever need a favor from someone but you are afraid to ask because you are not sure how he or she will respond? It can be hard to ask for help when you are uncertain about the outcome. But when it comes to God, you can be sure even before you ask that He is eager to help you in times of need.

You see, God made the Read More

God Is Not Angry With You

Do you sometimes feel God is angry with you? Perhaps, because you have done something you know is wrong, when you go to pray you find that you have no confidence that He will listen to you. It seems like God is not even in the room and His Read More

What Are You Thinking?

In his book, Success Is Not An Accident, Tom Newberry states that every thought either moves you towards your goal and the person you want to become, or away from your goal. No thought is neutral. Every thought counts. Where you are and where you have been is not as important as where you’re going. But if in your thinking you persist in constantly identifying with where you are and where you have been, then where you have been, where you are and where you are going will all be one and the same. This holds true of your golf game, business, marriage or any other area of your life.

The human mind likes the status quo. Psychologists estimate the average person has between twenty to sixty thousand thoughts per day, but ninety-percent of those thoughts are the same as yesterday and the day before. If you do not train your mind to think otherwise, it will feed you a constant repetition of old ideas. Those old thoughts will act like automatic pilot on a plane, which will keep steering your life in the direction it has always gone.

This truth was first articulated in the Bible many years ago. The Bible puts it this way: “As a man thinks, so is he.”

Your thoughts shape your destiny. When Abram asked God for a son, this is what God told him. God told him to count the stars to get a mental picture of how many children He would bless him with. Then, God told him to change his name from Abram to Abraham, which means father of many nations. Both actions were designed to help Abram change his thinking about himself and his circumstances. Abram needed to align his thinking with where he wanted to be, not with where he was.

Let your thoughts begin to work for you. If you don’t like where you’ve been and don’t want to remain where you are, you can do something about it. Change your thinking!

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If God Is For Us

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Do What You Can

You may be familiar with the Parable of Talents Jesus told in Matthew 25. But just in case you are not, here is a quick summary.

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God Chose You

I drew a line in the sand. “Enough is enough. Today, you have to choose between me and him”. And so at the ripe old age of fifteen I already felt I was entitled to the exclusive affection of the girl I was “in love” with. I would not tolerate any competition. Forced to choose, she Read More

Spiritual Warfare: Christ Has Won the Battle For You

“Am I not Goliath, the Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul? I defy the armies of Israel this day. Give me a man so we can fight each other.” When Saul and the children of Israel heard these words they were “very upset and very afraid.” And they had good reasons to be!

Goliath was a giant. Seven feet tall, wearing a

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Under the Influence

Ephesians 5:18 “Do not get drunk with wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.”

Two weeks ago while waiting to board my flight in Minneapolis, a gentleman who did not know me from Adam, sat next to me and started talking and talking and talking. It didn’t take long for me to see that he was “talking under the influence.” It’s illegal to “drive under the influence,” but perhaps Read More

Thoroughly Blessed

Galatians 3:13-14 reveals a curse-destroying, blessing-producing truth. “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law by becoming a curse for us…that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles and we might receive the promise of the Spirit by faith.” Consider what these verses mean.

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My God! My God!

Often when we face painful circumstances, we ask why. Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Why is God allowing me to suffer like this? We engage in mind-wrecking gymnastics and heart-rending pity parties, as we struggle to make sense of our tests and trials. Read More